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  12/31/2012 ***FREE*** Some Belated Christmas Cheer - Naughty Girls like Presents Too! CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE! Happy Holidays!
  12/30/2012 [BONUS] 3D Stuff No.7 - Infrequent Role Reversal - Pt.2 3D Stuff 7
  12/30/2012 [BONUS] 3D Stuff No.6 - Infrequent Role Reversal - Pt.1 3D Stuff 6
  12/29/2012 Kinky Covers No.103 - [BONUS] Sorority pledge rejection. Kinky Covers 9
  12/28/2012 Kinky Covers No.102 - The Terror of Insatiable Vampires! Kinky Covers 9
  12/26/2012 Kinky Covers No.101 - Barbarian Girl tamed in bondage. Kinky Covers 9
  12/24/2012 Kinky Covers No.100 - Hot chicks held by a cruel Lunatic! Kinky Covers 9
  12/22/2012 ***FREE*** Poster for Cover No. 100 - "LUNATIC" CLICK HERE
  12/21/2012 Kinky Covers No.99 - "Scarlett Fury" loses her powers! Kinky Covers 9
  12/19/2012 Kinky Covers No.98 - Terror on the Dark Continent! Kinky Covers 9
  12/17/2012 Kinky Covers No.97 - "Prime Select" MILFS in the barn... Kinky Covers 9
  12/14/2012 Worm Wenches No.17 - Lelena's surgery is successful... Worm Wenches
  12/12/2012 Kinky Covers No.96 - Space Exploration gone very bad... Kinky Covers 8
  12/11/2012 Kinky Covers No.95 - [BONUS] The Mistress returns... Kinky Covers 8
  12/10/2012 Kinky Covers No.94 - Elite "Pussy Hunting" Squads... Kinky Covers 8
  12/07/2012 Worm Wenches No.16 - Lelena on the "cutting block". Worm Wenches
  12/05/2012 Worm Wenches No.15 - Ilona & Elaine are limbless worms! Worm Wenches
  12/03/2012 Worm Wenches No.14 - Ilona is picked for transformation. Worm Wenches
  12/01/2012 Kinky Covers No.93 - [BONUS] The Mistress is furious! Kinky Covers 8
  11/30/2012 Worm Wenches No.13 - Placed in the muddy "Worm Pen". Worm Wenches
  11/28/2012 Worm Wenches No.12 - The three lovely captives are sold! Worm Wenches
  11/27/2012 Kinky Covers No.92 - [BONUS] Life as 'Breeding' Slaves! Kinky Covers 8
  11/26/2012 Snuggies No.38 (Silver) - More stretchy, tight madness! Snuggies 4
  11/25/2012 ***FREE*** Cover 91 Preview - Barbary Slave Auction! CLICK HERE
  11/24/2012 ***FREE*** Cover 89 Preview - The SLIME TRAP! CLICK HERE
  11/23/2012 Kinky Covers No.91 - More Barbary Pirates & Captives... Kinky Covers 8
  11/21/2012 Kinky Covers No.90 - Models should check references! Kinky Covers 8



  11/20/2012 Kinky Covers No.89 - [BONUS] Caught in the Slime Trap! Kinky Covers 8
  11/19/2012 Bondage Pinups No.20 - "Taurus Artworks" inspired role playing! Hope you ladies out there are getting action too! Bondage Pinups 2
  11/18/2012 Kinky Covers No.88 - [BONUS] Time to get Medieval! Kinky Covers 8
  11/17/2012 Kinky Covers No.87 - [BONUS] More Jungle Cannibals! Kinky Covers 8
  11/16/2012 Kinky Covers No.86 - Boris & his dogs will eat very well. Kinky Covers 8
  11/14/2012 Bondage Pinups No.19 - At the beginning of a relationship it's important to set a precedent. Isn't that right, Susan? Bondage Pinups 2
  11/13/2012 Kinky Covers No.85 - [BONUS] Left to a cruel demise. Kinky Covers 8
  11/12/2012 Worm Wenches No.11 - Ready for a degrading inspection! Worm Wenches
  11/10/2012 Kinky Covers No.84 - [BONUS] High Society Captive. Kinky Covers 7
  11/09/2012 Kinky Covers No.83 - Newlywed bride abducted & trained! Kinky Covers 7
  11/08/2012 [FREE] HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Careful out there ladies! CLICK HERE
  11/07/2012 Kinky Covers No.82 - Sexy hostage bound in cruel zipties! Kinky Covers 7
  11/06/2012 Miss Muffy No.42 - The sticky concoction is released! Miss Muffy
  11/05/2012 Miss Muffy No.41 - Muffy arches & squirms as she cums! Miss Muffy
  11/02/2012 Worm Wenches No.10 - Ilona, Elaine and Lelena are set aside in the damp barn for a prestigious buyer to inspect. Worm Wenches
  10/31/2012 Worm Wenches No.09 - Bargain hunting at the seaport. Worm Wenches
  10/29/2012 Worm Wenches No.08 - At port, the hogtied captives are unloaded & paraded through the village like muddy pigs. Worm Wenches
  10/28/2012 Miss Muffy No.40 - [BONUS] Coming close to Orgasm! Miss Muffy
  10/27/2012 Kinky Covers No.81 - [BONUS] Big Titted Space Captive! Kinky Covers 7
  10/26/2012 Miss Muffy No.39 - Muffy's moist opening is breached! Miss Muffy
  10/24/2012 Field Guide No.36 - The "Jack-O-Snatch". Fall is a deadly season for the hideous plants' beautiful & juicy female prey! Field Guide 3
  10/22/2012 Field Guide Closeups No.36 - The Hungry Jack'O Snatch! Field Guide 3
  10/19/2012 Kinky Covers No.80 - Insectivore Predators find "Meat"! Kinky Covers 7
  10/17/2012 Kinky Covers No.79 - Female captives held in the dungeon. Kinky Covers 7
  10/15/2012 Worm Wenches No.07 - Nude, bound captives packed in the ship like sardines. It will be a long, uncomfortable voyage! Worm Wenches
  10/14/2012 ***BLOG POST*** Franco Saudelli Link/Guest Exchange! BLOG
  10/13/2012 Kinky Covers No.78 - [BONUS] Sorority prank horror! Kinky Covers 7
  10/12/2012 Worm Wenches No.06 - Ornary captive is tied to the mast. Worm Wenches
  10/10/2012 Field Guide No.35 (Part 3) - "Mammory Trap". The tender meat is harnessed & milked while encased in a humid sack. Field Guide 3

Field Guide Closeups No.35 Part 3 of 3: "Mammory Trap".

Field Guide 3
  10/06/2012 Kinky Covers No.77 - Secret Maximum Security Facility... Kinky Covers 7
  10/05/2012 Kinky Covers No.76 - [BONUS] Terror of the Troglodytes! Kinky Covers 7
  10/04/2012 Kinky Covers No.75 - [BONUS] Unexpected Betrayal. Kinky Covers 7
  10/03/2012 Field Guide No.35 (Part 2) - "Mammory Trap". The fresh, squirming bundle of meat is penetrated & pulled downward. Field Guide 3
  10/01/2012 Field Guide Closeups No.35 Part 2 of 3: "Mammory Trap". Field Guide 3
  09/28/2012 Field Guide No.35 (Part 1) - "Mammory Trap". The female prey is held tight by the barbed, tit-hugging 'figure 8' vines! Field Guide 3
  09/26/2012 Field Guide Closeups No.35 Part 1 of 3: "Mammory Trap". Field Guide 3
  09/24/2012 Miss Muffy No.38 - The egg transfer ritual continues... Miss Muffy
  09/23/2012 "Forever Starts Today" - Once she was inside he welded the door shut! CLICK HERE PLEASE=> [001[ & [ 002]. FREE BONUS
  09/23/2012 Kinky Covers No.74 - [BONUS] Deep Space Marauders. Kinky Covers 7
  09/22/2012 Kinky Covers No.73 - [BONUS] More Pussy to Inspect! Kinky Covers 7
  09/21/2012 Field Guide No.34 (Part 2) - "Chalice Mask" Conclusion. Field Guide 3
  09/19/2012 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #34 Pt.2 - "Chalice Mask". Field Guide 3
  09/17/2012 Field Guide No.34 (Part 1) - "Chalice Mask". Female prey in the hot desert lured to their doom by the hungry plants. Field Guide 3
  09/14/2012 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #34 Pt.1 - "Chalice Mask". Field Guide 3
  09/12/2012 Kinky Cover No.72 - Truckload of chained, hooded Pussy! Kinky Covers 6
  09/10/2012 Kinky Cover No.71 - Babes linked together with nooses! Kinky Covers 6
  09/08/2012 Kinky Cover No.70 - [BONUS] Caged by a Psychopath! Kinky Covers 6
  09/07/2012 Penal Colony - Space Station with all female cadets - every one of them is captured & stored in a cramped cargo ship! Penal Colony
  09/05/2012 Sticky Webs No.07 - 'Fresh Meat' - nude & wrapped tight! Sticky Webs
  09/03/2012 Kinky Cover No.69 - Another beautiful captive for the lab. Kinky Covers 6
  09/02/2012 Kinky Cover No.68 - [BONUS] Nude & Bound in the Attic. Kinky Covers 6
  09/01/2012 Kinky Cover No.67 - [BONUS] New "Human Resources". Kinky Covers 6
  08/31/2012 Bondage Pinups No.18 - Great role for a serious actress... Bondage Pinups 2
  08/29/2012 Miss Muffy No.37 - The eggs are ready to be transferred. Miss Muffy
  08/27/2012 Worm Wenches No.05 - Female captives are rounded up... Worm Wenches
  08/24/2012 Miss Muffy No.36 - A bizarre & repulsive ritual begins! Miss Muffy
  08/22/2012 Worm Wenches No.04 - Elaine is bound and carried off! Worm Wenches
  08/20/2012 Worm Wenches No.03 - Next Ilona is roped hard & tight! Worm Wenches
  08/19/2012 Worm Wenches No.02 - [BONUS] Poor Lelena is captured! Worm Wenches
  08/18/2012 Worm Wenches - [BONUS] New Twisted Short Story... Worm Wenches
  08/17/2012 Kinky Cover No.66 - Three Hot Meals and a Cot, Bitch! Kinky Covers 6
  08/15/2012 Miss Muffy No.35 - Sharp fangs torment Muffy's body! Miss Muffy
  08/13/2012 Kinky Cover No.65 - Locked Inside the Sexual Institute! Kinky Covers 6
  08/12/2012 Kinky Cover No.64 - [BONUS] Tightly Cocooned Victims! Kinky Covers 6
  08/11/2012 Kinky Cover No.63 - [BONUS] The "Plastic Bag" Killer! Kinky Covers 6
  08/10/2012 Links Updated - "Bondage Beacon" Directory Site Links
  08/10/2012 Kinky Cover No.62 - Invasion of the "PleasureBots"... Kinky Covers 6
  08/09/2012 Kinky Cover No.61 - The Giant Venus "Woman" Trap! Kinky Covers 6
  08/08/2012 Guest Gallery No.04 - It's an honor to showcase the one & only Franco Saudelli! One of my favorites for many years! Guest Gallery
  08/08/2012 Kinky Cover No.60 - Pretty District Attorney in Trouble! Kinky Covers 5
  08/06/2012 Request No.04 - Abducted & Cruelly Modified Pony Girl! Requests
  08/03/2012 Links Updated - A Personal Favorite - "Franco Saudelli" Links
  08/03/2012 Kinky Cover No.59 - The Princess is cruelly locked away! Kinky Covers 5
  08/01/2012 Guest Gallery No.03 UPDATE - "Rendered Speechless" has a new, wonderfully wicked piece to share with you all! Guest Gallery
  08/01/2012 Miss Muffy No.34 - Muffy's GAG REFLEX is triggered! Miss Muffy

Miss Muffy No.33 - A web funnel is sealed on Muffy's lips!

Miss Muffy
  07/27/2012 Kinky Cover No.58 - Pretty witness held by the MOB! Kinky Covers 5
  07/27/2012 Links Updated - Studio 588 - Hot Chicks in Quicksand! Links
  07/25/2012 Kinky Cover No.57 - The women are stripped, gagged and hogtied then loaded into the cart. Here's a small Preview! Kinky Covers 5
  07/23/2012 Dinner Guest No.03 - Voluptuous Fetish Model Kelli Lynn Sage stops by for a Sizzling BBQ - AS the MAIN Course! Dinner Guest
  07/21/2012 Links Updated - Kelli Lynn Sages' PleasuresOftheSole & TickleIntensive. Also, Art Links at http://www.falart.com! Links
  07/21/2012 Kinky Cover No.56 - [BONUS] Another Alien Abduction! Kinky Covers 5
  07/20/2012 Guest Gallery No. 03 - RENDERED SPEECHLESS. Take a look at a true master of drawing hot chicks in big trouble! Guest Gallery
  07/20/2012 Kinky Covers No.55 - Tightly trussed up on the Fence! Kinky Covers 5
  07/19/2012 Kinky Cover No.54 - [BONUS] Little Piggy to Market! Kinky Covers 5
  07/18/2012 Miss Muffy No.32 - Muffy discovers three more victims! Miss Muffy
  07/16/2012 Kinky Cover No.53 - A Permanently Welded Sculpture! Kinky Covers 5
  07/15/2012 Kinky Cover No.52 - [BONUS] Trapped in QUICKSAND! *FREE DOWNLOAD* [CLICK HERE] for this UPDATE! Kinky Covers 5
  07/15/2012 Kinky Cover No.51 - [BONUS] Now that's a JOY RIDE! Kinky Covers 5
  07/14/2012 Kinky Cover No.50 - [BONUS] Diabolical Drowning Tank! Kinky Covers 5
  07/14/2012 Kinky Cover No.49 - [BONUS] Abducted Pony Girl. Kinky Covers 5
  07/13/2012 Miss Muffy No.31 - Muffy's cocooned body is pulled! Miss Muffy
  07/13/2012 FREE 3D BONUS - Hostile Takeover (Cover 48 Preview) CLICK HERE
  07/13/2012 Kinky Cover No.48 - The Aliens Want More Women! Kinky Covers 4
  07/12/2012 Kinky Cover No.47 - [BONUS] "Noose-Tied" War Booty! Kinky Covers 4
  07/11/2012 Kinky Cover No.46 - Time travel gone horribly wrong! Kinky Covers 4
  07/10/2012 Kinky Cover No.45 - NO ESCAPE from the Alien Pirates! Kinky Covers 4
  07/09/2012 Kinky Cover No.44 - Cannibals capture some White Meat! Kinky Covers 4
  07/08/2012 Kinky Cover No.43 - [BONUS] Cave of Horrors Sequel! Kinky Covers 4
  07/07/2012 Kinky Cover No.42 - [BONUS] BROUGHT to the LAB! Kinky Covers 4
  07/07/2012 FREE 3D BONUS - Cave of Horrors (Cover 40 Preview) CLICK HERE
  07/06/2012 Kinky Covers Blitz! No. 38, 39, 40 & 41. Strung Up, White Slaves to Market, Alien Digestion & Redneck Speed Trap! Kinky Covers 4
  07/04/2012 Mammoryan Life No.16 - Neira's agonizing recovery! Mammoryan Life
  07/02/2012 *FREE PREVIEW* Rejected Version of Kinky Cover #37. CLICK HERE
  07/02/2012 Kinky Covers No.37 - [BONUS] Life of a Peasant Girl. Kinky Covers 4
  07/01/2012 Miss Muffy No.30 - Muffy's toes wiggle hysterically! Miss Muffy
  07/01/2012 Kinky Covers No.36 - [BONUS] Alien Breeding Program. Kinky Covers 3
  07/01/2012 Kinky Covers No.35 - [BONUS] LOCKED in the VAULT! Kinky Covers 3
  07/01/2012 Kinky Covers No.34 - [BONUS] FUGITIVE LIVESTOCK! Kinky Covers 3
  07/01/2012 Kinky Covers No.33 - Taken and "convinced" to SUCK! Kinky Covers 3
  06/30/2012 Kinky Covers No.32 - High Heeled NOOSE Party! Kinky Covers 3
  06/29/2012 Kinky Covers No.31 - [BONUS] Clamped Tits & Clitoris! Kinky Covers 3
  06/28/2012 Kinky Covers No.30 - [BONUS] Tightly Packaged Pussy! Kinky Covers 3
  06/27/2012 Kinky Covers No.29 - [BONUS] Strung up as BUG BAIT! Kinky Covers 3
  06/27/2012 Miss Muffy No.29 - Poor Muffy is helplessly cocooned! Miss Muffy
  06/26/2012 Kinky Covers No.28 - [BONUS] Dairy Pigs Revisited! Kinky Covers 3
  06/26/2012 Kinky Covers No.27 - [BONUS] Science Run AMOK! Kinky Covers 3
  06/25/2012 *FREE PREVIEW* Rejected Version of Kinky Cover #25. The Final Version had a STRAIGHT on SPREAD VIEW! CLICK HERE
  06/25/2012 Kinky Covers No.26 - [BONUS] "Intergalactic Sex Slaves" Kinky Covers 3
  06/24/2012 Kinky Covers No.25 - [BONUS] "Spread on a Scaffold" Kinky Covers 3
  **NOTE** Thankyou for your membership to TaurusArtworks. Today is actually June 9 but my updates are ahead of schedule. I'm trying to keep a good buffer for my updates to make sure my members are taken care of before their ID expiration. You may have noticed the increase in 3D material as well. I'm practicing with DAZ 3D & have been intrigued with the possibilities. This site will remain an art site but will expand with additional 3D work in the form of extra updates. I usually update Monday, Wednesday & Friday so there may be additional days where I just feel like posting to the site! THANKS!
  06/23/2012 Kinky Covers No.24 - A VERY DEMEANING Situation! Kinky Covers 2
  06/22/2012 Kinky Covers No.23 - "Torture Classics" Women Beware! Kinky Covers 2
  06/21/2012 Kinky Covers No.22 - "BBW Made to Spread" [BONUS] Kinky Covers 2
  06/20/2012 Kinky Covers No.21 - "Tortured & Caged Heiress" Kinky Covers 2
  06/19/2012 Kinky Covers No.20 - Poaching the Tiger Girls of Namibia! [Another BONUS Update for members of TaurusArtworks] Kinky Covers 2
  06/18/2012 Kinky Covers No.19 - "Bitch In The Boiler Room" Kinky Covers 2
  06/17/2012 Kinky Covers No.18 - The Milking Machine. *BONUS* Kinky Covers 2
  06/16/2012 Kinky Covers No. 17 - A Western Slut Journalist in the Middle East is taken as a Sex Slave. ** BONUS Update** Kinky Covers 2
  06/15/2012 Miss Muffy No.28 - Muffy is webbed tighter & tighter! Miss Muffy
  06/13/2012 Kinky Covers No. 15 & 16 -A couple more intense covers. Kinky Covers 2
  06/12/2012 Kinky Covers No.14 - Yet another thrilling BONUS Update! Kinky Covers 2
  06/12/2012 Kinky Covers No. 13 - BONUS Update to start Volume 2. Kinky Covers 2
  06/11/2012 NEW FEATURE - "Kinky Covers" - My 3D renditions of the Detective & Stalker Magazines. Full 12 Page Volume! Kinky Covers
  06/10/2012 ***FREE PREVIEW*** Scarlett is here to show you some of my new "Kinky Covers". Go ahead - take a PEEK! CLICK HERE
  06/08/2012 Miss Muffy No.27 - The spiders converge on Muffy again! Miss Muffy
  06/06/2012 Miss Muffy No.26 - A horrible fate for two other women... Miss Muffy
  06/04/2012 Miss Muffy No.25 - Muffy discovers her new "purpose"... Miss Muffy
  06/03/2012 "Horror Shed" Conclusion - Pages 27-36. *Bonus Update* 3D Stuff 5
  06/01/2012 "Horror Shed" Pages 16 thru 26... Twisted beyond belief! 3D Stuff 5
  05/31/2012 FREE - Where has "Taurus Girl" Jenni been lately? I can assure you she is safe & secure. SEE FOR YOURSELF. JENNI
  05/30/2012 "Horror Shed" - New Twisted 3D Comic. Pages 1-15 out of 36 total. A pretty woman, a maniac & a shed. [PREVIEW] 3D Stuff 5
  05/28/2012 Miss Muffy No.24 - Thrashing wildly doesn't help Muffy! Miss Muffy
  05/25/2012 Miss Muffy No.23 - The web tightens around poor Muffy. Miss Muffy
  05/23/2012 Mammoryan Life No.15 - The females are finally connected to the milking apparatus. The suction is set to high power... Mammoryan Life
  05/21/2012 Bondage Pinups No. 17 - Audition for a Magic Assistant... Bondage Pinups 2
  05/18/2012 Field Guide No.33 - The "Jelly Stalk". Females are caught in the sticky groundcover & launched high into the air... Field Guide 3
  05/16/2012 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #33 - The "Jelly Stalk". Field Guide 3
  05/14/2012 Snuggies No.37 (Coffee) - The start of Volume Number 4! Snuggies 4
  05/11/2012 Peril No.07 - Bondage, a retracting floor & bubbling acid! PERIL
  05/09/2012 Snuggies No.36 (Honey Gold) - This "wraps up" Volume 3! Snuggies 3
  05/07/2012 Miss Muffy No.22 - As she falls Muffy is snared in webs... Miss Muffy
  05/05/2012 ***BLOG POST*** FREE - 3D Artwork Samples... BLOG
  05/04/2012 Miss Muffy No.21 - Muffy plummets into the darkness... Miss Muffy
  05/02/2012 Miss Muffy No.20 - Despite her thrashing & kicking Muffy is pulled inside the dark cave! Looks like a long drop ahead. Miss Muffy
  04/30/2012 Miss Muffy No.19 - The paralysis begins to wear off but it is much too late for Muffy - she is almost inside the cave! Miss Muffy
  04/27/2012 Bondage Pinups No. 16 - Extreme Metal Bondage Hogtie! Bondage Pinups 2
  04/25/2012 Peril No.06 - Sexy babe trapped in the hydraulic press! PERIL
  04/23/2012 Peril No.05 - Nude, hogtied blonde on the railroad tracks! PERIL
  04/20/2012 Miss Muffy No.18 - Muffy's limp body is pulled through the grass up to a small cavern entrance. The journey is over! Miss Muffy
  04/18/2012 Peril No.04 - Kneeling in mud and held upright by a tight noose. Her neck stretches as she starts to slowly sink... PERIL
  04/17/2012 BONUS - 16 Page 3D Sci-Fi Comic "Specimen Collection". 3D Stuff 4
  04/17/2012 * FREE 3D BONUS * "Sweet Dreams" Abduction Scene. CLICK HERE
  04/16/2012 Peril No.03 - Sharp wire over a pulley... one end around the neck & the other on the ankles. Keep your feet up honey! PERIL
  04/14/2012 BONUS UPDATE - 22-Page 3D Comic "Rat In a Maze". The foolish girl tried to escape - she'll pay dearly for that! CLICK HERE for a High-Res sample of 3 thrilling images! 3D Stuff 3
  04/13/2012 Mammoryan Life No.14 - Neira's tits are swollen with milk. The sadistic caretaker pulls one drop from each sore nipple. Mammoryan Life
  04/11/2012 PERIL No.02 - DOUBLE PERIL! Naked, Hogtied & Eaten Alive while the water in the small aquarium slowly rises... PERIL
  04/09/2012 Dinner Guest No.02 - World famous fetish model Jasmine Sinclair is a stuffed goose. Wire bound and ready to cook! Dinner Guest
  04/08/2012 *HAPPY EASTER* Free Bonus Leggy "Chick" Hatching! CLICK HERE
  04/06/2012 Links Updated - My next "dinner guest" Jasmine Sinclair! Links
  04/06/2012 PERIL No.01 - The poor girl is nude & ziptied painfully tight. Worse yet is that plastic bag placed over her head! PERIL
  04/05/2012 New Section - PERIL! Helpless babes in a variety of harsh predicaments! Could this be the END? [Preview Pic Here] PERIL Menu
  04/04/2012 Dinner Guest - Serving Suggestion. The Boiling Pot Recipe! Dinner Guest Menu
  04/02/2012 Dinner Guest No.01 - "Ashley Lane" is invited "AS" our first Dinner Entree. Hogtied & Honey Roasted on the Spit! Dinner Guest
  04/01/2012 New Section - DINNER GUEST. Beautiful Girls Roasted on the Spit, Oven Baked, Boiled, Fried... Juicy & Delicious! Dinner Guest Menu
  03/30/2012 Bondage Pinups No. 15 - Ashley Lane makes her debut on Taurus Artworks in a beautiful, strict "Rump Roast" tie! Bondage Pinups 2
  03/28/2012 Miss Muffy No.17 - Pulled hundreds of yards into the deep woods, Muffy finally catches a glimpse of her destination! Miss Muffy
  03/26/2012 Mammoryan Life No.13 - Stretched for a final body wash! Mammoryan Life
  03/23/2012 PLUNGE No.12 - I think Ivy deserves a Happy Ending... PLUNGE
  03/23/2012 Links Updated - New Sexy Bondage Model Ashley Lane! Links
  03/22/2012 *BONUS UPDATE* 30-Page 3D Comic - "Cold Night". A quick little story about a nude woman waking in a cage. She should have kept her mouth shut and not made such a fuss. 3D Stuff 2
  03/21/2012 America's Next 'Lost' Model - It's Open Season on models! New 3D Concept piece - 2 Long Multi-Image pages. Here's some FREE samples: Model Drugged & Model in Trouble. 3D Stuff
  03/19/2012 PLUNGE No.11 - Only one sure way to tell if Ivy is clean! PLUNGE
  03/16/2012 Miss Muffy No.16 - Hot, painful, sticky, itchy - it's a most unpleasant experience for poor Muffy. She's so helpless... Miss Muffy
  03/14/2012 Miss Muffy No.15 - Muffy is pulled through the tall grass... Miss Muffy

Horror Lab No. 14 - Poor Vanessa. She's lost so much. An incredibly demented installment... not for the faint-hearted! *** FREE Teaser Image *** Click Here & brace yourself!

Horror Lab 2
  03/10/2012 Guest Gallery No. 02 - SEDENA.NET. Bondage, Horror, Erotic Peril, Kinky Fetishes, Beautiful Models and more... Guest Gallery
  03/09/2012 Links Updated - Erotic Horror sites SEDENA.NET and INSHADOW.COM - with Guest Galleries coming soon! Links
  03/09/2012 Jungle Captives No.25 - Three pretty "White Devils" are led down a muddy embankment towards the village meeting place. Looks like another ceremonial whipping is in order. Jungle Captives 3
  03/07/2012 Mammoryan Life No.12 - The purple Draenei is scrubbed! Mammoryan Life
  03/05/2012 Horror Lab No.13 - Vanessa's 'gratis' breast augmentation comes with a horrible price... Never ignore the fine print... Horror Lab 2
  03/02/2012 Mammoryan Life No.11 - Next phase is vaginal cleansing... Mammoryan Life
  02/29/2012 Miss Muffy No.14 - It's time to drag Miss Muffy away! Miss Muffy
  02/27/2012 Miss Muffy No.13 - Muffy lies on the ground. Swarms of spiders scurry around her & attach more web to her limbs. Miss Muffy
  02/25/2012 *FREE* Here's a peek at the Miss Muffy Hyperactive Spider Foam Collectible & a glimpse of Miss Muffy No.12! NOTE - Supplies are limited. Certain restrictions apply. :) CLICK HERE
  02/24/2012 Miss Muffy No.12 - Why is Muffy lowered to the ground? Miss Muffy
  02/22/2012 Miss Muffy No.11 - Muffy dangles like a piece of meat... Miss Muffy
  02/20/2012 Miss Muffy No.10 - Muffy's big tits get wrapped up tight! Miss Muffy
  02/17/2012 Miss Muffy No.09 - The clever spiders drape webs around the branches overhead making an effective pulley system. Miss Muffy
  02/15/2012 Miss Muffy No.08 - The cruel spiders swarm relentlessly... Miss Muffy
  02/13/2012 Miss Muffy No.07 - The spiders begin to wrap poor Muffy. Miss Muffy
  02/10/2012 Mammoryan Life No.10 - The evacuation phase continues. Mammoryan Life
  02/08/2012 Bondage Pinups No.14 - New & improved "Mud Flap" Girl! Bondage Pinups 2
  02/06/2012 *FREE* Sexy Jenni Czech, branded & crawling on all fours, dresses up the Members Index Page. Care to take a peek? FREE PEEK HERE
  02/06/2012 Snuggies No.35 (Maroon) - More tight, sticky encasement! Snuggies 3
  02/03/2012 Mammoryan Life No.09 - Rigorous purification procedures must be performed before the dirty livestock can be milked. Mammoryan Life
  02/01/2012 Bondage Pinups No.13 - When you leave a hot chick tied up for a few hours you have to give her something to do, right? Bondage Pinups 2
  01/30/2012 Miss Muffy No.06 - More cruel arachnids join the frenzy! Miss Muffy
  01/27/2012 Miss Muffy No.05 - The spiders tear away Muffy's bikini! Miss Muffy
  01/25/2012 Miss Muffy No.04 - Swarms of spiders beseige poor Muffy! Miss Muffy
  01/23/2012 Miss Muffy No.03 - Muffy is knocked down to her knees! Miss Muffy
  01/21/2012 *FREE* "Taurus Girl" Jenni again. She's checking out the series "Food Chain" and she's shocked at the Morlocks! JENNI
  01/20/2012 Miss Muffy No. 01/02 - Our story begins. Muffy returns to find her nightmares were very real... & it's too late to run! Miss Muffy
  01/18/2012 *FREE VIDEO* Jenni does nice on the promo clips but has a little attitude. So poor Jenni gets hogtied & tape gagged! JENNI
  01/16/2012 *FREE* "Taurus Girl" Jenni Czech. Watch her adorable reaction to the "Romantic" Horror series "Love Nest". JENNI
  01/16/2012 Request No.03 - Another GIRLSINABIND request sequel. Poor girls - they can only watch each other get shocked! Requests
  01/13/2012 Look Up - There's Jenni Czech at the Top of the Updates! More Jenni...
  01/13/2012 Request No.02 - GIRLSINABIND followup. Another hot chick joins the party - wire hogtie, tape gag, electrodes... Requests
  01/11/2012 Request No.01 - For Mark from GIRLSINABIND.COM. Pretty gal alone in a dark basement... scared... bound with sharp wire... penetrated... & hooked up to cruel electrodes! Requests
  01/09/2012 Mammoryan Life No.08 - An Elf female is transported in humiliating fashion - brutally hogtied & hung from a pole. Mammoryan Life
  01/06/2012 Mammoryan Life No.07 - A pair of rare Woodland Elves, broken & trained, also hang by the throat before inspection. Mammoryan Life
  01/04/2012 Mammoryan Life No.06 - The lifestock are kept up on thier toes while they await inspection. If they relax they'll choke! Mammoryan Life
  01/02/2012 Jenni is back & in front of the doors to the Member Area. She had better be careful or else she may not ever get out! CLICK HERE
  01/02/2012 Mammoryan Life No.05 - By morning the females tits are bulging with milk. They are in pain & desperate for relief... Mammoryan Life
    ***HAPPY NEW YEAR*** My Best Wishes for 2012!  
  12/30/2011 FYI - Neira section re-categorized as "Mammoryan Life". Mammoryan Life
  12/30/2011 MISS MUFFY - New Short Story. Long ago she ran from a little spider. It wasn't such a good idea for her to come back! Miss Muffy
  12/29/2011 *FREE BONUS* Be careful at the nude beach ladies! CLICK HERE
  12/29/2011 *Mammoryan Life Bonus* - Dairy Agriculture. I think a closer look is in order. Lo-Res sample for everyone. Mammoryan Life
  12/28/2011 Mammoryan Life No.04 - Neira is placed in a small pen with two big titted Earth chicks - they'll remain chained all night. Mammoryan Life
  12/26/2011 Mammoryan Life No.03 - More Neira! Here she's sent to the cow stables with clamps squeezing her tender nipples! Mammoryan Life
  12/23/2011 Merry Christmas! Clarence & his pussycats have their own version of "Jingle Bells"... Keep shaking those TITS girls! FREE - Click Here
  12/22/2011 More "Taurus Girl" Jenni Czech! Added to Home Page 1, Home Page 2 & Main Site Page. Lots more Jenni to come! SAMPLE
  12/21/2011 Mammoryan Life No.02b - Earth females are the primary livestock. Their bulging udders are handled without mercy. Mammoryan Life
  12/19/2011 Mammoryan Life No.02 - Neira is held by a sadistic alien race. They are utterly fascinated with Neira's huge titties! Mammoryan Life
  12/16/2011 Jungle Captives No.24 - A high-ranking tribeswoman hovers behind the tightly bound "White Devil" with a thin rod in her grasp. She will enjoy whipping the captives' skin raw... Jungle Captives 2
  12/14/2011 Snuggies No.34 (Pastel Violet) -The pretty little thing keeps fighting to free herself - too bad for her it ain't happening! Snuggies 3
  12/12/2011 Mammoryan Life No.01 - Hot, busty creature named Neira. Chained in the darkness & enduring constant milking... Mammoryan Life
  12/12/2011 *MEMBER REQUEST* Section Added. Have a kinky idea you'd like to see turned into a full color illustration? Send a brief description. Here's my Taurus Girl Jenni to explain... Request Section
  12/09/2011 Snuggies No.33 (Pumpkin) - Perfect color this time of year! Snuggies 3
  12/08/2011 SNEAK PREVIEW - Official "Taurus Girl" Jenni Czech! Special thanks to Jenni & Roy from thehiddenagenda.com Taurus Girl
  12/07/2011 Jungle Captives No.23 - After a good whipping the muddy "White Devil" is hoisted up into the trees as leapard bait! Jungle Captives 2

Uncle Elmer No.21 - "Grease'Em & Plug'Em"- Elmer's got some great tips for preparing your delicious holiday roast!

Uncle Elmer 2
  12/02/2011 Pet Project #55 - We can't forget about our little pet Robin! Pet Project
  12/01/2011 ***FREE BONUS*** Scene Snippet from "Pet Project"... CLICK HERE
  11/30/2011 Field Guide No.32 (Part 3) - "Snag Root". The females are driven to migrate to a final rooting location. Don't miss it! Field Guide 3
  11/30/2011 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #32 - "Snag Root" - Part 3. Field Guide 3
  11/28/2011 Field Guide No.32 (Part 2) - "Snag Root". The external root system emerges & covers the female down thru her torso. Field Guide 3
  11/28/2011 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #32 - "Snag Root" - Part 2. Field Guide 3
  11/25/2011 Field Guide No.32 (Part 1) - "Snag Root". Round seedlings drop & clamp on the throats of unsuspecting females below! Field Guide 3

Field Guide Closeups of Profile #32 - "Snag Root". Part of a Special 3-Page Profile. Discover the World of Plants!

Field Guide 3
  11/24/2011 A very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you & your family! CHEERS!
  11/23/2011 Pet Project #54 - Jessica is first to gulp down her dessert! Pet Project
  11/21/2011 Pet Project #53 - Jessica & Robin finish sucking down their hydration fluid. Mitch has a nice dessert planned for them! Pet Project
  11/18/2011 PLUNGE No.10 - Ivy has wet cement in her most personal locations. She'll have to endure some meticulous cleaning! PLUNGE

On Vacation 11/5 thru 11/13 - Posting in Advance. Thanks for your support! COMING SOON - "Pussy Snatcher" will resume along with "Pet Project" & much, much more. Stay tuned for a very special surprise at taurusartworks.com!

  11/16/2011 PLUNGE No.09 - Ivy is taken to a utility shower where she must endure a very uncomfortable & humiliating scrubbing. PLUNGE
  11/14/2011 PLUNGE No.08 - Ivy, nude & covered with cement, weeps softly while in her heroes' strong embrace. She is safe now. PLUNGE
  11/11/2011 PLUNGE No.07 - Before Ivy goes under, a figure appears. The handsome cement worker pulls her out just in time! PLUNGE
  11/09/2011 PLUNGE No.06 - The greedy ooze sucks down Ivy's big tits before pulling her further! Is this the end for pretty Ivy??? PLUNGE
  11/07/2011 PLUNGE No.05 - Heavy cement presses against Ivy from all sides. She struggles for every breath as she slowly sinks. PLUNGE
  11/04/2011 PLUNGE No.04 - In a flash, Ivy is trapped in wet cement! PLUNGE
  11/02/2011 PLUNGE No.03 - Ivy stands, jumps & dances for joy in the squishy muck. She doesn't notice the tremors down below! PLUNGE
  10/31/2011 PLUNGE No.02 - Wearing only a towel, Ivy cagily moves closer to the wet cement pit & dips her feet in the muck. PLUNGE
  10/29/2011 PLUNGE No.01 - Ivy returns to the big screen for more fun, messy perilous adventure! Special Weekend Bonus Update! PLUNGE
  10/28/2011 Taken No.15 - I have this pretty little slut out cold - nude & spread wide on a dirty old mattress. She's my floor sample! Taken 2
  10/27/2011 ***FREE*** Carnivorous Plant Feeding - Rare Photo! CLICK HERE
  10/26/2011 PLUNGE - New Short Story. Sexy, Messy Cement Peril... PLUNGE
  10/24/2011 Bondage Pinups No.12 - Want your girlfriend to appear on a comic on this site? Just tie her up naked, take lots of kinky photos then email - All I need is good reference material! Bondage Pinups
  10/21/2011 Bondage Pinups No.11 - Does your wife or girlfriend bug you while you're watching the game? If so, give this a try... Bondage Pinups
  10/19/2011 ***FREE PREVIEW*** New Short Story "PLUNGE". A tale of sexy, messy, cement peril - Coming soon right here! CLICK HERE
  10/17/2011 Horror Lab No.12 - A random subject is secured in tight zipties while under anaesthesia. Surgery will begin shortly. Horror Lab
  10/14/2011 Bondage Pinups No.10 - Here's a great way to make sure your girlfriend sticks to her diet. Try it, she may like it! Bondage Pinups
  10/12/2011 Horror Lab No.11 - Julie's been kept inside her cramped box for 2 months - today she'll undergo her "alterations"... Horror Lab
  10/10/2011 Taken No.14 - Stopped at Hooters for some takeout. Got an order of wings & that fuckin' hot ass blonde with the big tits! Taken 2
  10/07/2011 Uncle Elmer No.20 - Fresh Soles, Plump Breasts and Whole Live Chickies. Just a few of our delicious Weekly Specials. Uncle Elmer 2
  10/05/2011 Uncle Elmer No.19 - Don't fret that summer's over. Stop by Elmer's for the best BBQ females - hogtied & grilled alive! Uncle Elmer 2
  10/03/2011 Bondage Pinups No.09 - Hot brunette is tied pretty tight but not completely helpless. She can still operate that vibrator! Bondage Pinups
  09/30/2011 Snuggies No.32 (Dark Gray) - Another Skin Tight Snuggies Installment - make sure you add them all to your collection! Snuggies 3
  09/28/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.68 - Clarence relaxes with a cold beer. His kitties are tucked away, nice and snug, for the night... Pussy Snatcher
  09/26/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.67 - Clarence shows his three new kitty cats the bells & tail they'll get tomorrow - as they scream! Pussy Snatcher

Pussy Snatcher No.66 - Clarence locks the exhausted kitty cats away for the night. Tomorrow will be a very busy day!

Pussy Snatcher
  09/21/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.65 - Petals, Cooch, Muffy & Jingles had a long day. Time to get them hogtied & back in their cages! Pussy Snatcher
  09/20/2011 FREE BONUS - "The Meat Pit" 3D Plant Vore Scene CLICK HERE
  09/19/2011 Taken No.13 (Volume 2) - Yeah, Life is Good! Chilling with a few cold beers watching the hot ziptied chicks waking up! Taken 2
  09/16/2011 Bondage Pinups No.08 - Blondie is left hogtied in the room while her guy plays Black Jack. The hotel masseuse is sent to "take care of her needs". What happens in Vegas... Bondage Pinups
  09/14/2011 Jungle Captives No.22 - Two "white devils" are made to spend a hot, agonizing night bound & suspended in the mud. Jungle Captives 2
  09/12/2011 ***BLOG POST*** FREE - Taurus Artworks EXPO!!! BLOG
  09/12/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.64 - Last but certainly not least, Petals gets to have her treat... after licking Jingles' snatch clean! Pussy Snatcher
  09/09/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.63 - Muffy & Cooch both get their turn to enjoy some hard orgasms. Don't miss this HOT Action! Pussy Snatcher
  09/07/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.62 - Jingles straddles over Petals' ring gag. Spunk gushes out of her pussy into Petals' open mouth. Pussy Snatcher
  09/05/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.61 - The attention turns to Petals. The lucky little kitty is picked to enjoy a "cream pie" treat... Pussy Snatcher
  09/02/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.60 - Clarence keeps pounding away until he fills Jingles up with spunk! What a beautiful Cream Pie! Pussy Snatcher
  09/01/2011 *FREE BONUS* "Solid Witness" - Twisted Erotic Horror CLICK HERE
  08/31/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.59 - There's one more surprise in store for Jingles. Clarence gives her a real fucking - nice & hard! Pussy Snatcher
  08/30/2011 *FREE BONUS* Guinea Pigs 3D High Resolution Scene. CLICK HERE
  08/29/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.58 - Clarence pins Jingles to the floor by her throat while he strokes her pretty, delicate pussy lips... Pussy Snatcher
  08/26/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.57 - "Jingles" is picked first to get a reward. Her leg cuffs are removed so she can spread wide! Pussy Snatcher
  08/24/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.56 - The pussycats finished their task. They are carried one by one into the room with the new captives. Clarence has a special reward planned for them! Pussy Snatcher
  08/22/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.55 - Clarence checks on his other pets. They had better be finished with the chore he gave them! Pussy Snatcher
  08/19/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.54 - The frightened redhead is jammed inside a small aquarium where she is tied in a tight bundle. Pussy Snatcher
  08/17/2011 Bondage Pinups No.07 - Kinky, hogtied blonde squirms on the floor to reach the scissors. Better hurry, your girlfriend is stopping by! Unless she wants to be found like this.... Bondage Pinups
  08/16/2011 Bondage Pinups No.06 - BONUS UPDATE. A dark haired hottie gets to enjoy a couple hours alone in a tight hogtie! Bondage Pinups
  08/15/2011 *FREE BONUS* Test Subjects - Intergalactic Expedition. Aliens perform twisted experiments on Hot Earth Chicks... CLICK HERE
  08/15/2011 Bondage Pinups No.05 - Pretty bound redhead is going to get a special "surprise" today. Can you guess what it is? Bondage Pinups
  08/12/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.53 - Three more hogtied "strays" are taken to the shelter. With tight cord wrapped around their pretty necks, Clarence guides them along the dark hallway. Pussy Snatcher
  08/10/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.52 - It doesn't take Clarence long to find some more hot pussy. He already has two zipped up tight! Pussy Snatcher
  08/08/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.51 - The "kitties" are doing a fine job. Clarence can now leave them a while to go out on patrol... Pussy Snatcher
  08/05/2011 [NOTICE] Preparing for Vacation - Posting Updates Early  
  08/05/2011 Bondage Pinups No.04 - Sexy chick 'loses' a bet. Since she failed to escape the tight ropes she has to be vibed for an hour. I have a strange feeling she didn't really want to win! Bondage Pinups
  08/03/2011 Bondage Pinups No.03 - Cute hogtied babe waits patiently for her tight fitting crotchrope - her very favorite accessory! Bondage Pinups
  08/01/2011 Bondage Pinups No.02 - Pretty trussed up blonde wants to be tied a little bit tighter - don't want to disappoint the lady! Bondage Pinups
  07/29/2011 Bondage Pinups No.01- New Section! Hot & kinky models bound & gagged extra tight... and loving every minute of it! Click HERE for a FREE Preview of the first installment. Bondage Pinups
  07/27/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.50 - Cooch, Petals, Jingles & Muffy had better get moving... FAST! There's not a second to waste! Pussy Snatcher
  07/25/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.49 - Time for all the "kitties" to play. It may be a little more challenging then was demonstrated... Pussy Snatcher
  07/22/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.48 - Clarence gives Coochie her reward. She wisely gulps down every drop to show her appreciation! Pussy Snatcher
  07/20/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.47 - Cooch hovers over the bucket and takes careful aim. Nervously she lets the dildo drop... Pussy Snatcher
  07/18/2011 Horror Lab No.10 - Another nude, bound beauty wakes to a nightmare. Things will get even worse if she has an orgasm! Horror Lab
  07/15/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.46 - With the dildo in her mouth, Cooch is coerced to squirm towards the bucket across the room. Pussy Snatcher
  07/13/2011 Snuggies No.31 (Baby Blue) -This hot babe sure "is" blue! Total frustration while vibed, gagged & unable to escape. Snuggies 3
  07/11/2011 ***BLOG POST*** FREE - Some Photography Favorites BLOG
  07/11/2011 Taken No.12 - Grabbed this hot little Hungarian chick for myself. I keep her nude & hogtied in a tiny cage until I'm done with my "work". Then it's time to play with my PET! Taken
  07/08/2011 Super Catch No.11 [Pt.3] - The Queen was so amused at the drowning spectacle she had Lois resuscitated. Lois will be made to repeat the performance each day for her captor. Super Catch
  07/06/2011 Super Catch No.11 [Pt. 2] - Lois struggles in the cum filled vat. As the fluid rises it seaps inside her gaping mouth as she screams. Could this be how it all ends for Lois Lane? Super Catch
  07/04/2011 Super Catch No.11 - Lois Lane is trapped inside the semen collection vat. Superman is powerless to resist the merciless milking apparatus. It's a very sticky situation! [Part 1] Super Catch
  07/01/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.45 - Cooch slides towards the dildos on the floor. She has to go lower to get it in the hole in her face! Pussy Snatcher
  06/29/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.44 - While the "kitties" digest Clarence puts them in the playroom for some fun and exercise. Pussy Snatcher
  06/27/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.43 - Kitty mush is squeezed out of the nozzle down Petals' throat. She gulps every bit of it down! Pussy Snatcher
  06/24/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.42 - The pussycats are hogtied side by side on the feeding table, secured by their knees & throat. Pussy Snatcher
  06/22/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.41 - Clarence is back! He rounds up all his pussycats - almost time to eat some yummy kitty mush! Pussy Snatcher
  06/20/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.40 - Poor Kitties. On their knees they're anchored to the floor by their pussy rings while cable pulls their collars toward the ceiling. Poor, poor little kitties... Pussy Snatcher
  06/17/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.39 - Clarence has to leave his "kitties" a while. A challenging predicament helps to pass the time. Pussy Snatcher
  06/15/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.38 - The last two kitties are completed. "Muffy" & "Petals" look so pretty in their little outfits! Pussy Snatcher
  06/13/2011 ***BLOG POST*** FREE - Sticky/Gooey Fetish Stuff BLOG
  06/13/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.37 - "Cooch's" turn to get "prepared". She behaves so well and gets a nice belly full of SPUNK! Pussy Snatcher
  06/10/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.36 - Another kitty is extracted from her cage for "preparations". First she gets a peek at "Jingles". Pussy Snatcher
  06/08/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.35 - Cruel wire connects the rings on Jingles' nipples & labia and is pulled taut. Don't squirm! Pussy Snatcher
  06/07/2011 ***BLOG POST*** FREE "Pussy Snatcher" Preview BLOG
  06/06/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.34 - Jingles pretty feet are tightly bound. Her cute little toes wiggle as she's pulled up by her ankles. Pussy Snatcher
  06/04/2011 ***BLOG POST*** Feet, Feet, Feet - Art & Photography MUST include beautiful, sexy feet. There's no debate... BLOG
  06/03/2011 ***BLOG POST*** Jungle Captives - Peril in the Congo! BLOG
  06/03/2011 Taken No.11 - Two blonde, blue-eyed white chicks, TWINS even - with tight holes! My clients will pay some big bucks! Taken
  06/01/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.33 - Clarence hauls Jingles back to the other kitties while he explains her upcoming punishment... Pussy Snatcher
  05/30/2011 HoneySap Bog No.13 - CONCLUSION. Michele & Ivy are now permamently trapped - along with many other females! HoneySap Bog
  05/27/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.32 - Before receiving her punishment, a hideous cock muzzle is securely attached to Jingles' face. Pussy Snatcher
  05/25/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.31 - There is nothing more precious than a masters' spunk. She shouldn't have let some hit the floor! Pussy Snatcher
  05/24/2011 *** MORE FREE BLOG POSTS *** Time Machine / Food Chain, Erotic Horror, Creative Process with NaughtyTies... BLOG
  05/23/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.30 - "Jingles" is placed on her haunches to accept her reward - a bellyfull of her master's warm jizz! Pussy Snatcher
  05/20/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.29 - Clarence pushes the tail plug into Jingles' ass. It's a tight fit & will take some getting used to. Pussy Snatcher
  05/18/2011 HoneySap Bog No.12 - Michele searches for Ivy. She trips in the sticky goo & quickly discovers there is no way out! HoneySap Bog
  05/16/2011 Uncle Elmer No.18 - BBQ Season is back! Place your order for one of Elmer's succulent roasts - bound good and tight! Uncle Elmer 2
  05/14/2011 FREE ***Taurus Artworks Blog - The Bullpen *** FREE NEW BLOG
  05/13/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.28 - "Jingles" looks like a pussycat with her kitty hood, ring gag & collar. Now she's ready for a tail. Pussy Snatcher
  05/11/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.27 - Jingles is stretched out on the basin again while Clarence shears off her hair like a farm animal! Pussy Snatcher
  05/09/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.26 - Using tweezers & the piercing tool Clarence attaches the last bell. Her labia looks so pretty! Pussy Snatcher
  05/06/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.25 - The sharp piercing tool pokes thru her nipples like butter. The bells look & sound so beautiful! Pussy Snatcher
  05/04/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.24 - Time for your shots! Secured by the neck & ankles "Jingles" lies still for her painful injection. Pussy Snatcher
  05/02/2011 HoneySap Bog No.11 - Ivy has one last convulsion before the ooze hardens permanently around her helpless body. HoneySap Bog
  04/30/2011 *FREE BONUS* Quick sketch. A pretty black girl wakes up all alone in a creepy basement - nude, bound & gagged! CLICK HERE
  04/29/2011 HoneySap Bog No.10 - Ivy's struggling does nothing to prevent her from being transformed into a human package! HoneySap Bog
  04/27/2011 HoneySap Bog No.09 - Before the ooze covers Ivy's eyes she notices a golden form across the pit. It's her last sight. HoneySap Bog
  04/25/2011 HoneySap Bog No.08 - The ooze creeps all over Ivy's body. She is powerless as the slime tightens around her throat. HoneySap Bog
  04/22/2011 HoneySap Bog No.07 - Ivy's orgasms are uncontrollable. In between she senses that something is horribly wrong! HoneySap Bog
  04/20/2011 HoneySap Bog No.06 - As Ivy writhes with pleasure the sap invades her moist openings - she is on the verge of orgasm! HoneySap Bog
  04/18/2011 HoneySap Bog. No.05 - Ivy enjoys the tingling sensation & decides to work her way deeper into the mysterious ooze! HoneySap Bog
  04/17/2011 *FREE BONUS* Home Depot has everything you need for your "Do-It-Yourself" bondage projects. Need duct tape? CLICK HERE
  04/16/2011 *FREE SHORT STORY* - The SandBar. A giant octopus is searching for fresh meat. Luckily the Sandbar is stocked! CLICK HERE
  04/15/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.23 - "Jingles" is tethered by the neck & ankles for a bath. Her soapy bound body is scrubbed down. Pussy Snatcher
  04/13/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.22 - The pretty blonde with the pony tail is picked first. She struggles but Clarence has a good hold! Pussy Snatcher
  04/11/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.21 - Some nice surprises for the kitties. A ring gag, head cover with pointy ears, bells & a long tail! Pussy Snatcher
  04/08/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.20 - Clarence added "Pussy Nip" to the lube smeared in the captives'orifices. It will be a long night! Pussy Snatcher
  04/06/2011 HoneySap Bog No.04 - Ivy steps into a mysterious golden puddle. The ooze feels good squishing between her toes. HoneySap Bog
  04/06/2011 HoneySap Bog No.03 - Nude in the great outdoors Ivy has wild, erotic fantasies while hiding her clothes in the bushes. HoneySap Bog
  04/04/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.19 - All four girls are packed inside their tiny cages. They're bound so tight they can't move an inch! Pussy Snatcher
  04/02/2011 FREE BONUS - Snippet from "Pussy Snatcher No. 19"... The captives are put away for the night in their tiny cages. CLICK HERE
  04/01/2011 Pussy Snatcher No. 18 - It's getting late. Clarence ties the strays tight and stuffs their tender little holes before bed! Pussy Snatcher
  03/30/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.17 - The two new captives are shocked to find more women caged like rats... and they'll be next! Pussy Snatcher
  03/28/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.16 - Back in the kennel the first two captives are in a state of panic. Are the dildos slipping out? Pussy Snatcher
  03/25/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.15 - The captives are guided with thin cord around their throats. They better shake those titties! Pussy Snatcher
  03/23/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.14 - The brutally ziptied captives are sent down a hidden stairway & a decrepit hall of cages. Pussy Snatcher
  03/21/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.13 - The two new horrified captives are paraded thru the kennel as the dogs bark with excitement. Pussy Snatcher
  03/20/2011 NOTE - Due to time constraints lately I've been posting in advance to ensure that updates are available. I appreciate all the support from my members. Thankyou! [03/12/2011] THANKS
  03/20/2011 HoneySap Bog No.02 - It's so hot & the crystal clear water is irresistable. With no swimsuit Ivy decides to skinny dip! HoneySap Bog
  03/19/2011 Links Updated - Red's Realm of Romantic Restraint. Links
  03/19/2011 Links Updated - Check out David Lawrence's ReBound Links
  03/19/2011 HoneySap Bog No.01 - Ivy finds the perfect spot to relax on her hike all alone. It's going to be such a wonderful day... HoneySap Bog
  03/18/2011 Snuggies No.30 (Pure White) - Gagged, Double-Vibrated & unable to do a fucking thing about it - except come hard! Snuggies 3
  03/16/2011 Field Guide No.31 - The "Parachute Tree". A wet, sticky membrane descends onto the unsuspecting females below. Field Guide 3
  03/14/2011 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #31 - "Parachute Tree". Field Guide 3
  03/11/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.12 - A pretty jogger approaches in the dark... and is "rescued" by Clarence. Couldn't be easier! Pussy Snatcher
  03/09/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.11 - Blondie is secured & carried away. Pussy Snatcher
  03/07/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.10 - Hidden in the bushes Clarence zip ties his latest catch. He's not going to let this one get away! Pussy Snatcher
  03/06/2011 FREE BONUS - "ZIPPED UP TIGHT". A snippet from "Pussy Snatcher No.12". Those zip ties sure look painful! CLICK HERE
  03/05/2011 *BONUS* New Story started - "The Honey Sap Bog". Sticky, Gooey, Sexy Erotic Horror. More to come soon... HoneySap Bog
  03/04/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.9 - Meanwhile Clarence hunts down a beautiful stray in the park. Another female is "rescued". Pussy Snatcher
  03/02/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.8 - Finally they're able to get a hold of the slippery, elusive dildo. Now it needs to be put inside... Pussy Snatcher
  02/28/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.7 - The women frantically poke their soft, pretty toes through the bars trying to gain leverage... Pussy Snatcher
  02/26/2011 *FREE BONUS* - My rendition of the old "Herculoids" cartoon. Sexy Tara is being tortured by Gloop & Gleep. CLICK HERE
  02/25/2011 *BONUS* New Story "Girls Gone" - You've heard of "Girls Gone Wild"... now, after all of their wild & careless partying they're just "Gone" - and we have them with us... Girls Gone
  02/25/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.6 - The captives are having a difficult time moving around their cell. The tight ropes are agonizing. Pussy Snatcher
  02/23/2011 Pussy Snatcher No. 5 - The girls have to struggle to reach the toy in their cage. If it's not firmly in their pussies before Clarence returns they'll have to wear painful shock collars. Pussy Snatcher
  02/21/2011 Pussy Snatcher No.4 - Clarence stores the bound & gagged women in tiny kennels while he heads back out for more... Pussy Snatcher
  02/18/2011 Pussy Snatcher No. 3 - After being taken down with potent tranquilizer darts the women are stripped & hogtied in the back of the rescue truck. Soon they'll be safe in the shelter. Pussy Snatcher
  02/16/2011 Pussy Snatcher No. 1 & 2 - Clarence asks two pretty women if they'll take in a stray kitty. They're going to be sorry they were so rude & cruel. Clarence knows just what to do... Pussy Snatcher
  02/14/2011 Twisted Story 2: Pussy Snatcher. An Animal Control Officer hunts "stray" women, trains them then releases them in the ghetto - nude, bound & helpless. They'll find a new home. Pussy Snatcher

Uncle Elmer No.17 - Think anyone can cook up a female better than Uncle Elmer? If not you certainly haven't tried Aunt Bessie's 'Hammer Tied' Roast. It's so fucking good!

Uncle Elmer 2
  02/07/2011 Jungle Captives No.21 - A "white devil" is stretched out spreadeagle on her stomach. She'll spend the day squirming in the mud before it's time for a good, thorough whipping. Jungle Captives 2
  02/04/2011 Taken No.10 - I stuffed the pretty blonde inside the tiny shipping container for delivery. Wish I could have kept her! Taken
  01/31/2011 The Matrix No.22 - The final installment of my demented version. Little bit of a surprise ending to tidy things up... The Matrix
  01/28/2011 The Matrix No.21 - Elsewhere a lovely, distraught woman wakes from another nightmare - it's time to see Morpheous. The Matrix
  01/26/2011 The Matrix No.20 - Cruel suction cups descend & attach to Taylors' breasts. Suddenly a familiar voice can be heard... The Matrix
  01/24/2011 The Matrix No.19 - Taylors' body is effectively manipulated by the machines. Struggling only makes the bonds tighter! The Matrix
  01/21/2011 The Matrix No.18 - Coils wrap around Taylor's body as the appendages plunge deep inside her exposed openings! The Matrix

The Matrix No.17 - Taylor tries desperately to escape the approaching sentinals. She knows there's no where to go!

The Matrix
  01/17/2011 The Matrix No.16 - Welcome to REALITY Taylor. It's the same as her nightmares. She sees the sentinals approach... The Matrix
  01/14/2011 The Matrix No.15 - Taylors' dream goes away FOREVER. When she opens her eyes she'll see the REAL WORLD... The Matrix
  01/12/2011 The Matrix No.14 - Taylor decides to take the RED PILL. The Matrix
  01/10/2011 The Matrix No.13 - The experiment was a success. Taylor drops to the ground completely exhausted by the ordeal... The Matrix
  01/07/2011 The Matrix No.12 - Morpheous explains to Taylor that she must be left alone for 24 hours. During this time she will endure more painful shocks & humiliating penetration... The Matrix
  01/05/2011 The Matrix No.11 - Taylor has one explosive orgasm after another while helplessly restrained. Agent Smith would like to see the intensity & duration of the tests increase further. The Matrix
  01/03/2011 The Matrix No.10 - Agent Smith arrives to observe the experiment just as the penetration device is "activated". The Matrix
    ***HAPPY NEW YEAR*** Thanks for a great 2010!  
  12/31/2010 The Matrix No.09 - Probes from the "Penetration Device" slide inside Taylor's orifices leaving her completely stuffed! The Matrix
  12/29/2010 The Matrix No.08 - Morpheous applies painful clamps to Taylor's nipples and labia after plugging her ring gag! The Matrix
  12/27/2010 The Matrix No.07 - Taylor is secured to the examination chair & Morpheous straps a tight ring gag into her mouth! The Matrix
  12/24/2010 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's a FREE Update - The Elves bring Santa a present! CLICK HERE
  12/22/2010 The Matrix No.06 - Morpheous knows about the Machines & what they've been doing... Taylor apologizes for doubting his peculiar methods & promises to do what she is told.... The Matrix
  12/20/2010 The Matrix No.05 - Taylor meets Dr.Morpheous -BONUS The Matrix
  12/20/2010 The Matrix No.04 - Taylor cannot deal with the physical & emotional strain any longer - she needs someone to help... The Matrix
  12/17/2010 The Matrix No.03 - Taylor lies awake in the dark - she can still hear the sounds of the cruel machine sucking on her... The Matrix
  12/15/2010 The Matrix No.02 - The nightmares get worse & worse... The Matrix
  12/13/2010 The Matrix No.01 - Taylors' nightmares seem all too real... The Matrix
  12/13/2010 *** New Twisted Short Stories Section *** First story - The Matrix - "Awakenings". Taylor will soon discover the truth. Short Stories
  12/10/2010 Taken No.09 - Found some chicks looking for some fun. I'm their guy - but it may NOT be the fun they have in mind! Taken
  12/08/2010 Pet Project #52 - Cum-flavored liquid flows out of the cock nozzle at maximum power. The captives struggle to breathe while swallowing. Their aching bellies soon begin to bulge. Pet Project
  12/06/2010 Pet Project #51 - The cocked shaped nozzle locks onto the girls' ring gags. They're horrified to discover the fluid tastes like semen. They have no choice but to swallow every drop! Pet Project
  12/03/2010 Pet Project #50 - Once again the girls' hot tits are tightly harnessed so they can be attached by chains to the pole... Pet Project
  12/01/2010 Pet Project #49 - With their wrists & ankles cuffed Jessica & Robin must squirm towards the sinister feeding poles... Pet Project
  11/29/2010 Super Catch No.10 - Miss Marvel suffers a horrific fate as she is bent over backwards in her binding exoskeleton. Super Catch
  11/26/2010 Uncle Elmer No.16 - Tightly bound females at the height of plumpness! Make Thanksgiving a holiday to remember! Uncle Elmer 2
  11/22/2010 Snuggies No.29 (Pretty Pink) - Another hot babe struggling furiously in her tight cocoon... and driven out of her mind! Snuggies 3
  11/19/2010 Field Guide No.30 (Part 2) - "Slumber Moss". The bundles of meat are pulled under the moss for eventual digestion. Field Guide 3
  11/17/2010 Guest Gallery No.01 - Shadowplay Imaging. Seether, the beautiful Tobi & all the other hot bound & gagged babes! Guest Gallery
  11/17/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #30 - "Slumber Moss". The second of a 2-part installment. Full Profile on Friday 11/19. Field Guide 3
  11/15/2010 Field Guide No.30 (Part 1) - "Slumber Moss". Females are rendered unconscious by the plants' potent gas. When they awake they'll be tightly bound in thin, sharp tentacles. Field Guide 3
  11/12/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #30 - "Slumber Moss". Part of a Special 2-Page Profile. Stay tuned for more Plant Fun! Field Guide 3
  11/08/2010 Uncle Elmer No.15 - Have a look at Uncle Elmer's Honey Dunked Roaster process. No wonder they taste so good!!! Uncle Elmer 2
  11/05/2010 Love Nest No.10 - Eddie knows women just want "security & romance". He has some flowers for his new girlfriends as they're hogtied "nice & secure" to the bed. Ah, Romance! Love Nest
  11/01/2010 Field Guide No.29 - The "Giant Snapdragon". Beautiful pink petals snatch the juicy females & swallow them whole. Field Guide 3

Horror Lab No.09 - HALLOWEEN BONUS. Amber, still under anaesthesia, lies motionless after her surgery. Sara is strapped to the table next to her - she knows it's her turn...

Horror Lab
  10/29/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #29 - "Giant Snapdragon". Field Guide 3
  10/28/2010 On Vacation - Posting in Advance - Happy Halloween!  
  10/25/2010 Caught No.02 - A family reunion is arranged for Hot MILF Brigit & her sexy 20-year old daughter Amber... of course they're both nude, ballgagged, hogtied & in big trouble! Caught
    Early Updates through 10/22/2010 - thanks for your support!  

FREE BONUS UPDATE. The Entomologist. Pixie Hollow is no longer a safe haven - Tinkerbelle is in big, big trouble!

  10/23/2010 FREE BONUS UPDATE. Quick little sketch & story called "Sperm Donor"... not my usual kind of subject matter! CLICK HERE
  10/22/2010 Abduction of Jasmin 09-10 - The Final Installments. Jasmin is submerged in expanding foam before being transported to her new home. The cruel shock treatment has awakened a new submissive woman that desires to be kept in chains.... Jasmin

Abduction of Jasmin No.08 - The beautiful bound package is carried to a tiny crate and carefully squeezed inside.

  10/18/2010 Abduction of Jasmin No.06-07 - After two vibration devices are securely planted Jasmin is bundled in clear shrink wrap! Jasmin
  10/15/2010 Abduction of Jasmin No.04-05 - Jasmin is tightly bound, gagged & hooded by her cruel, mysterious captors. Jasmin
  10/13/2010 Abduction of Jasmin No.03 - Jasmins' sexy body is tightly bound with tape & a big pink ballgag is stuffed in her mouth! Jasmin
  10/11/2010 Abduction of Jasmin No.02 - Jasmin is taken by surprise... Jasmin
  10/08/2010 Abduction of Jasmin No.01 - The twisted story begins... Jasmin
  10/06/2010 BONUS: "The Abduction of Jasmin" - New section added. Jasmin
  10/04/2010 Snuggies No.28 (Sandstone) - Held snugly in the unrelenting cocoon the distressed victim glances back hoping for relief. Snuggies 3
  10/01/2010 Taken No.08 - Two bikini-clad hotties should know better than to take a ride with a stranger. Now they're in the back of my truck - nude & painfully bound with sticky duct tape! Taken
  09/27/2010 Super Catch No.09 - Powergirl is the latest superhero to fall. Nude, bent over & spread she is helpless as the relentless milking apparatus is activated. Her situation is permanent! Super Catch
  09/24/2010 Pet Project #48 - The two captives bounce and squirm on Mitch's shoulders as he wisks them off to another room. Pet Project
  09/20/2010 Taken No.07 - Time for a sick little game. 4 hot chicks wake up nude, bound & blindfolded. On the floor are dozens of dildos. They each must pick out two - or I'll pick for them! Taken
  09/17/2010 Jungle Captives No.20 - A native woman gives two "White Devils" a harsh whipping as they hang from their wrists & ankles. The liquid she'll smear on their welts will be painful! Jungle Captives 2
  09/15/2010 Big Love No.07 - A pretty brunette writhes sensuously in "Goo Laden" ecstacy... A BONUS update for Wednesday... Big Love
  09/13/2010 Pet Project #47 - Jessica & Robin are coerced to cum one more time, then they're carried off to get prepared for bed! Pet Project
  09/10/2010 Pet Project #46 - After long agonizing hours Robins' lovely big tits are finally released from their tight steel harness. Pet Project
  09/06/2010 Penal Colony - Another addition to this new concept piece. Scarlett squirms along like a worm thru the sticky slime... Penal Colony
  09/03/2010 Uncle Elmer No.14 - Ever wonder why Elmer's roasts have the best smokey flavor. I thought so, come have a look! Uncle Elmer 2
  08/30/2010 Horror Lab No.08 - Joanne is prepared for a stimulation experiment. There will be dire consequences if she orgasms! Horror Lab
  08/27/2010 Taken No.06 - This hot bitch came onto me at the bar, now she's hogtied in my basement! Some nights are too easy! Taken
  08/23/2010 Snuggies No.27 (Summer Green) - Another tightly encased victim struggles - she realizes escape is not possible... Snuggies 3
  08/20/2010 Snuggies No.26 (Tan) - Another tightly mummified Hottie! Snuggies 3
  08/18/2010 FREE BONUS - Rendition of sexy Sandra Silvers in Jungle Captive! I made it to her Guest Art Gallery on her site! CLICK HERE
  08/16/2010 Penal Colony - Humans should have never left Earth... a new seriously twisted section... "fucked up" I should say... Penal Colony
  08/13/2010 Uncle Elmer No.13 - Grill Baby! Grill! Volume 2 starts off with a tender female - bound, gagged & ready for grilling! Uncle Elmer 2
  08/11/2010 [NOTICE] On vacation until 08/21/2010 - Posting EARLY!  
  08/09/2010 Caught No.01 - New "Miscellaneous" Section. A Place to store random ideas... but still all about hot tied up chicks! Caught
  08/06/2010 Pet Project #45 - Don't be jealous Robin! Mitch has a cruel Ring Gag for you too! Now open wide and don't squirm! Pet Project

Field Guide Profile #28 - The "Twitching Pod". The long powerful tentacles of the pod reach for the females' ankles. The fallen prey is cocooned and held firmly for digestion.

Field Guide 3
  07/30/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #28 - The "Twitching Pod". Field Guide 3
  07/28/2010 Big Love No.06 - More sticky, gooey infatuation [Bonus]... Big Love
  07/26/2010 Uncle Elmer No.12 - Wild Game Hunting Party. Bag a wild female, bind her, tag her & go gunning for more! It's easy! Uncle Elmer
  07/23/2010 Pet Project #44 - The tape is peeled from Jessica's mouth. As she spits out her soaked panties a ring gag is quickly jammed in the newly vacant hole & locked securely in place! Pet Project
  07/21/2010 Big Love No.05 - The best one yet. A hot blonde balances on a huge cock while squirming in hot cum! [Bonus Update] Big Love
  07/19/2010 Pet Project #43 - The steel Pet Collar is snapped around Jessica's lovely throat. A hideous ring gag will be next. Pet Project
  07/16/2010 Pet Project #42 - The sticky duct tape is cut away from Jessica's sexy body - and replaced with tight steel cuffs. Pet Project
  07/15/2010 FREE Short Story - She wakes up bound, gagged & unable to see... with no recollection of how she ended up this way... FREE Short Story
  07/14/2010 Big Love No.04 - Another pretty blonde writhes in ecstasy as she is slowly covered in milky spunk! [Bonus Update] Big Love
  07/12/2010 Taken No.05 - Zip Ties. So simple - yet tightened around a woman's wrists & ankles can inflict pure agony. The four hot chicks in the basement know exactly what I mean... Taken
  07/09/2010 Taken No.04 - The party's over! A beautiful blonde wakes up nude & stretched out wide to a rusty bedframe. She's not going anywhere for a while. The most disturbed 'Taken' yet! Taken
  07/07/2010 Big Love No.03 - A blonde hottie gratefully exchanges soft butterfly kisses for gallons of hot, sticky cum! Another early BONUS update for the long holiday weekend. Enjoy! Big Love
  07/05/2010 Field Guide Profile #27 - The Carnivorous "Milkweed". Females are captured & hauled under the soil where their nutritious fluids are slowly & quite painfully harvested. Field Guide 3
  07/02/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #27 - The "Milkweed". Field Guide 3
  06/30/2010 Big Love No.02 - Hot Tiny Chick/Huge Cum Spewing Cock! *Bonus Update* Also, Preview of Installments No. 3 & 4. Big Love
  06/28/2010 Big Love No.01 - New Series. Tiny, Horny Women looking for Cock! They'll be covered with spunk from head to toe! FREE Bonus Preview: Click HERE for some BIG LOVE! Big Love
  06/28/2010 Pet Project #41 - Mitch orders Jessica to squirm over to Robin. She moves her ass immediately like a good pet! Pet Project
  06/25/2010 Pet Project #40 - Time to snip the wire connecting Jessica's neck & toes. Hopefully she'll learn not to disobey again... Pet Project
  06/21/2010 Taken No.03 - Three hogtied beauties struggle in the dark. They'll soon discover they're nothing but merchandise. Taken
  06/18/2010 Pet Project #39 - Robin can't stop cumming as Mitch fills her pussy with hot jizz then plugs her to keep from dripping! Pet Project
  06/14/2010 Field Guide Profile #26 - "The Barbed Creeper". Unwary females are captured within the sharp tentacles, hoisted into the trees and encased in an external digestion membrane. Field Guide 3
  06/11/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #26 - The Barbed Creeper. Field Guide 3
  06/07/2010 Pet Project #38 - Her ass plugged & Mitchs' cock sliding deeper into her stretched pussy, Robin is about to explode! Pet Project

Pet Project #37 - Mitch rests the tip of his cock on Robins' soft, creamy opening - she'll have to squeeze to draw it in!

Pet Project
  05/31/2010 Snuggies No.25 (Pastel Yellow) - Another tightly wrapped captive squirms helplessly on the floor. First of Volume 3! Snuggies 3
  05/28/2010 Uncle Elmer is back to kick off the BBQ season... he's got the best selection of females yet - and now he DELIVERS! Uncle Elmer
  05/24/2010 Pet Project #36 - If Robin wants to help Jessica, she has to convince Mitch she's a hot little slut yearning for his cock! Pet Project
  05/21/2010 Jungle Captives No.19 - A "White Devil" is selected for the nightly ceremony. Tightly bound she will be suspended in the trees until dawn. The abrasions on her freshly whipped body will attract a multitude of cruel, blood-thirsty insects. Jungle Captives 2
  05/17/2010 Pet Project #35 - Robin maneuvers in her steel bonds while Jessica writhes in agony. There's not a second to spare... Pet Project
  05/14/2010 Pet Project #34 - Jessica struggles in the cruel neck-to-toe hogtie. There is one way Robin can help her poor friend! Pet Project
  05/10/2010 Field Guide Profile #25 - "Venus Chick Trap". Powerful mandibles close around the body of the helpless female! **This starts Volume 3 of the Carnivorous Plant Series** Field Guide 3
  05/07/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #25 - Venus Chick Trap. Field Guide 3
  05/03/2010 Snuggies No.24 (Tangerine) - More skin-tight orgasmic convulsions! The pretty captive can only squirm in ecstasy! Snuggies 2

Super Catch No.08 - Can you imagine Batgirl & Catwoman, side by side while nude, hogtied & milked relentlessly? You don't have to imagine because it's todays' twisted update!

Super Catch
  04/26/2010 Snuggies No.23 (Creamy White) - Another beautiful female writhes helplessly in her excruciatingly tight "Snuggie". Snuggies 2
  04/23/2010 Pet Project #33 - Before Mitch continues with Robin he puts Jessica in a cruel hogtie by attaching the thin wire around her neck to her toes. She'll have to stay arched to breath! Pet Project
  04/19/2010 Pet Project #32 - Now it's Robins' turn to have a thick plug shoved up her ass - and she better show some gratitude! Pet Project
  04/16/2010 Super Catch No.07 - Emma Frost is nude, hogtied & oiled up from head to toe. Now it's time to insert her feeding tube. Super Catch
  04/12/2010 Super Catch No.06 - Susan Storm, the "Invisible Woman", is the next super heroine to fall. She is horrified as the sight of the vaginal sap milker and completely helpless to resist! Super Catch
  04/10/2010 BONUS UPDATE - Barbie Bondage 03. Things don't get any better for Barbie & her friends. More deranged fun! Barbie Bondage 3
  04/09/2010 Taken No.02 - Two nude, bound blondes struggle to reach a pair of scissors with their toes. All that effort is for nothing, they're just being fucked with! Who would let them escape? Taken
  04/05/2010 Super Catch No.05 - Wonder Woman & Superman dangle helplessly from the ceiling while the milkers do their job! Super Catch

Super Catch No. 04 - Hogtied & powerless, Supergirl gulps down the nutrients pushed down her throat while the milkers suck the fluids out of her bound tits & sweet, wet pussy! *****NEW SUPERCATCH SECTION ADDED*****

Super Catch
  04/01/2010 April Fool's BONUS - Another "Barbie Bondage" set. The Bratz are having a little too much fun with their new toys. Barbie Bondage 2
  03/29/2010 Pet Project #31 - Jessica squeezes under Robins' ass. Pet Project
  03/27/2010 FREE BONUS - "Super Catch No.03". A new superhero named "SilverGirl" is left to struggle in the inescapable hogtie device. Her true identity is finally revealed! Inspired by bondage model Sandra Silvers. (See SandraSilvers.com). Click HERE
  03/26/2010 Pet Project #30 - Jessica crawls on the floor towards Robin while Mitch pulls on the cruel, thin wire around her throat. Pet Project
  03/22/2010 Pet Project #29 - Jessica should know better than to hesitate when Mitch gives an order. Insolence is not tolerated! Pet Project
  03/19/2010 Pet Project #28 - Robin had better obey every command! Pet Project
  03/17/2010 FREE BONUS - "Super Catch No.02". This time Wonder Woman is captured & locked permanently within the cruel binding device. Her captors have sinister plans in store... Click HERE
  03/15/2010 Field Guide Profile #24 Part 2 - "Ring Algae" Continuation. Field Guide 2
  03/12/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #24 - Part 2 (Ring Algae). Field Guide 2
  03/10/2010 Field Guide Profile #24 Part 1 - "Ring Algae". Migrating females are surrounded by a voracious ring of slime... Field Guide 2
  03/08/2010 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #24 - Part 1 (Ring Algae). Another Special Edition - First of a Two-Part Profile. Field Guide 2
  03/05/2010 Pet Project #27 - Robin must endure a brief "rubber glove" inspection - it won't be very comfortable for the poor girl... Pet Project
  03/01/2010 Snuggies No.22 (Pastel Violet) - More mummification fun! Snuggies 2
  02/26/2010 Pet Project #26 - Mitch is ready to give Robin a try.... Pet Project

Taken No.01 - NEW SERIES. Party girls love having fun, getting dopey, flashing their tits... some get themselves into big trouble. When they wake from their hangover they'll realize the party's over. Intense, psychotic bondage action!

  02/19/2010 Pet Project #25 - Before moving on to Robin, Mitch plugs Jessica's vacant orifices. Fuck Pets must always be stuffed! Pet Project
  02/15/2010 Pet Project #24 - Mitch shoots his load inside Jessica! Pet Project
  02/12/2010 Pet Project #23 - Jessica cums while Mitch pounds away... Pet Project
  02/08/2010 Jungle Captives No.18 - The "White Devils" hang from the trees at dusk - the bats may find an easy meal tonight... Jungle Captives 2
  02/05/2010 Horror Lab No.07 - She lies nude, bound & gagged on the examination table - a recorded message explains her fate. Horror Lab
  02/01/2010 NOTE: Early Updates for 02/05/2010 & 02/08/2010 See Above
  02/01/2010 Pet Project #22 - Mitch breaches the sweet, moist opening! Pet Project
  01/29/2010 Pet Project #21 - Time's Up! Jessica starts to panic! Pet Project

FREE BONUS - Goofing around on the computer and came up with this. Two superheroes are put out of commission!

Click HERE
  01/25/2010 Pet Project #20 - Jessica desperately applies the lubricant with her feet. A little something for the 'Foot Fetish' crowd! Pet Project
  01/22/2010 Pet Project #19 - If Jessica wants lubricant she'll have to rub it on Mitch's cock with her tightly bound feet! Kinky Fun... Pet Project
  01/18/2010 Pet Project #18 - Mitch gives Jessica an intimate inspection! Pet Project
  01/15/2010 Pet Project #17 - Mitch presents Jessica with an ultimatum! Pet Project
  01/11/2010 Pet Project #16 - Jessica's lesbian lover Robin lies bound & gagged across the room as a cruel & intriguing incentive! Pet Project
  01/08/2010 Pet Project #15 - Jessica is horrified to find she's not alone! Pet Project
  01/04/2010 Pet Project #14 - Jessica finally reaches the next room... & Mitch is ready to give his new pet a nice, long test drive... Pet Project
  01/01/2010 Love Nest No.09 - "Our Precious Memories". Eddie shows his new girlfriend how romantic he is by taking pictures of their first date. He has a polaroid camera, tape & lots of thin, sharp wire. His scrapbook is jammed with memories! Love Nest
  01/01/2010 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for all your support!  
  12/28/2009 Field Guide Profile #23 Part 2 - "Meat Pit" Continuation. Field Guide 2
  12/26/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #23 - Part 2 (Meat Pit). Field Guide 2
  12/21/2009 Field Guide Profile #23 Part 1 - "Meat Pit ". The beautiful females unexpectedly plummet into the slippery, meat pit... Field Guide 2
  12/18/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #23 - Part 1 (Meat Pit). Special Edition - First of an extensive Two-Part Profile. Field Guide 2
  12/14/2009 Pet Project #13 - Jessica's soft skin takes the crop nicely. Pet Project
  12/11/2009 Pet Project #12 - Tightly bound, gagged & blindfolded, poor Jessica is made to squirm on the floor like a lowly worm! Pet Project
  12/07/2009 Snuggies No.21 (Dark Magenta) - Nude & trapped in a wet, slimey "Snuggie", the captive writhes in agony & ecstasy... Snuggies 2
  12/04/2009 Jungle Captives No.17 - The bound "White Devils" are placed in a mudhole. Lines from above extend down to their necks. When the rains come they will slowly sink in the soft, squishy mud causing the lines to tighten. They feel drops... Jungle Captives 2
  12/03/2009 BONUS Update - Another 3D Experiment. A little horror piece entitled "The Body Shop". Not for the squeamish! 3D Stuff
  12/02/2009 BONUS Update - Adding some 3D experiments to the site. 3D Stuff
  12/01/2009 Meet my new 3D Taurus Spokeswoman. She's excited about the devious plans we have for her at The Institute. Main Page
  11/30/2009 Pet Project #11 - Jessica's not getting out of that tape yet! Pet Project
  11/27/2009 Uncle Elmer is back in time for the holidays. Don't miss his delicious female veal bundles! Mmmmm! Sweet & Tender! Uncle Elmer
  11/25/2009 Pet Project #10 - Mitch hauls Jessica out of the trunk... Pet Project
  11/23/2009 Pet Project #09 - The car stops - it's time to get out! Pet Project
  11/20/2009 Pet Project #08 - Jessica squirms furiously in the trunk. Pet Project
  11/18/2009 Pet Project #07 - Mitch drives to his secret training facility while his bound & gagged captive agonizes over her fate... Pet Project

Field Guide Profile #22 - "Ring Tube". The females wade in the cool, clear water to escape swarming insects. They are unaware of the carnivorous water plants under their feet.

Field Guide 2
  11/13/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #22 (Ring Tube). Field Guide 2
  11/11/2009 New Comic Idea Preview - "Widgets"... Living Sex Toys... Widgets
  11/09/2009 Pet Project #06 - Mitch makes sure Jessica is comfortable in the trunk - she'll enjoy the ride more while blindfolded... Pet Project
  10/31/2009 Happy Halloween - I decided to post 11/2, 11/4 & 11/6 early... thanks to all the members for your support... Pet Project
  11/06/2009 Pet Project #05 - Jessica wakes up to a horrific surprise... Pet Project
  11/04/2009 Pet Project #04 - Nude & bound with lots of sticky tape... Pet Project
  11/02/2009 Pet Project #03 - Jessica is subdued and helpless... Pet Project
  10/30/2009 Pet Project #02 - A dark parking garage is no place for a sexy woman all alone... big trouble in store for Jessica! Pet Project
  10/28/2009 The official release of "Pet Project". A sinister plot is now underway... pretty, arrogant Jessica will make a fine pet! Pet Project
  10/26/2009 Field Guide Profile #21 - "Leech Melon". Unwary females had better think twice before biting into this juicy melon... Field Guide 2
  10/23/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #21 (Leech Melon). Field Guide 2
  10/19/2009 Field Guide Profile #20 - "Gum Hosta". With its' leaves spread wide the Gum Hosta sets a sticky trap for females. Field Guide 2
  10/16/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #20 (Sticky Gum Hosta). Field Guide 2
  10/12/2009 Pet Project Preview - Jessica finds herself in the trunk of a car - nude and tightly bound & gagged with sticky duct tape... The storyline comic will be coming soon... Pet Project
  10/09/2009 Jungle Captives No.16 - Five "White Devils" are prepared side-by-side for a ceremonial whipping. The captives squirm helplessly while bound upright by the throat, waist & ankles. Jungle Captives 2
  10/05/2009 Field Guide Profile #19 - "Rock Gullet". Hidden among the rocks the hideous plant waits for a tender, juicy female. Field Guide 2
  10/02/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #19 (Rock Gullet)... yuck! Field Guide 2
  09/28/2009 Frog & Toad are back for more whimsical fun as the pair go on a hunting trip. A story of friendship & hogtied females! Frog & Toad
  09/25/2009 Snuggies No.20 (Gold) - More Tight, Snug, Squishy Fun... Snuggies 2
  09/21/2009 Jungle Captives No.15 - The tribal females surround the bound captives. Using thin sticks they swat at their tender, exposed flesh - the gods will be very pleased... Jungle Captives 2
  09/18/2009 Jungle Captives No.14 - A "White Devil" will spend the day severely hogtied & suspended from the trees... out of the dense foliage some unexpected visitors stop by... Jungle Captives 2
  09/14/2009 Snuggies No.19 (Cyan Blue) - Ceaseless frustration and torment within a tight, inescapable "Snuggy" cocoon. Snuggies 2
  09/10/2009 Horror Lab No.06 - A beautiful investigative reporter finds out too much - now she's a living specimen for the Lab! Horror Lab
  09/08/2009 Uncle Elmer's "Pig Out" Special - Double "Spit-Ready" Roasters... grease your pole & light up the charcoal! Uncle Elmer
  09/04/2009 Snuggies No.18 (Light Brown). Tight & secure - as usual! Snuggies 2
  08/31/2009 Field Guide Profile #18 - "Fire Pepper". Tightly held in the digestion sack the horrified females squirm helplessly. Field Guide 2
  08/29/2009 BONUS Update - Pet Project Sample. Jessica is blindfolded, gagged & chained up in her stable. Training starts soon! Pet Project
  08/28/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #18 (Red Hot Pepper)... Field Guide 2
  08/24/2009 Uncle Elmer hoses down a group of hogtied females as they wiggle & squirm in the mud pit. More barnyard adventure! Uncle Elmer
  08/21/2009 Jungle Captive No.13 (Volume 2). Positioned beneath a bamboo frame the captive sits with her ankles hoisted in the air while another line encircles her throat. She tries not to move as the Giant African Fire Ants crawl towards her! Jungle Captives 2
  08/17/2009 Digital reproduction of Guinea Pigs No. 26 - Two helpless specimens are nude, painfully arched & strapped down to the pumping station. More wonderful scientific mayhem! Guinea Pigs
  08/14/2009 Uncle Elmer packs up a couple "Split Leg" Roasters... the tender females are bound, gagged & ready for pickup! Yum! Uncle Elmer
  08/10/2009 New Comic Idea - Jessica's bad attitude gets her in big trouble. Slave Pet Training is just the thing she needs! Pet Project
  08/07/2009 BONUS - 3D Stuff. New section containing some of my 3D experiments... beautiful women in more perilous scenarios! 3D Stuff
  08/07/2009 Snuggies No.17 (Silver). Shiny, Tight Mummification Fun! Snuggies 2
  08/03/2009 Field Guide Profile #17 - The Chameleon Plant fires its' long, slimey tongue at its' prey. In an instant a beautiful female is trapped & pulled inside the hot, steamy gullet. Field Guide 2
  07/31/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #17 (Chameleon Plant)... Field Guide 2
  07/27/2009 Uncle Elmer even has a Dairy Bar... his livestock has the finest milk-producing udders around. Come take a peek! Uncle Elmer
  07/24/2009 Horror Lab No.05 - Another beautiful, nude female is painfully arched & exposed on the examination table while the scientists casually discuss their cruel intentions. Horror Lab
  07/20/2009 Snuggies No.16 (Melon). Although they struggle violently it's becoming obvious they enjoy the strict encasement. Snuggies 2
  07/17/2009 Snuggies No.15 (Pea Green). Another sexy lady frantically twisting & turning inside a tight, unrelenting "Snuggie". Snuggies 2
  07/13/2009 Love Nest No.08 - Chained by the neck, wrists & ankles, Eddie's latest girlfriend wakes up nude & spread wide on a cold steel table - as Eddie inspects his prize a pretty blonde sleeps within a cramped cage - she'll soon awaken to the same horrific scene in Eddie's Love Nest. Isn't love grand? Love Nest
  07/10/2009 Food Source Profile #08 - Reproduction. Some more insight into the intertwined lives of humans & carnivorous plants. Stay Tuned - Love Nest No. 08 Coming Soon... Field Guide X
  07/10/2009 Human Female Profile #8 Close-Ups - Reproduction. The females adapt to the carnivorous plants by reproducing more rapidly & efficiently. Profile included with this update. Field Guide X
  07/06/2009 Food Source Profile #07 - Mating Rituals IV. The bound females make good use of their mouths in this installment. Field Guide X
  07/03/2009 Human Female Profile #7 Close-Ups - Mating Rituals IV. Field Guide X
  07/01/2009 Bonus Update - Snuggies No.14 (Terra Cotta). The pretty captive is powerless to fight against the churning vibrators. Another tight, sticky installment to the Snuggies series! Snuggies 2
  06/29/2009 Food Source Profile #06 - Mating Rituals III. A detailed look into the primitive new world of human sexual activity. Field Guide X
  06/26/2009 Human Female Profile #6 Close-Ups - Mating Rituals III. Safely inside the males' den the mating activities begin! I bumped the schedule forward in thanks for your support! Also, click <HERE> for a glimpse inside the males' den... Field Guide X
  06/26/2009 Food Source Profile #05 - Mating Rituals II. The females are herded to the males' den. As promised an early update! Field Guide X
  06/22/2009 Human Female Profile #5 Close-Ups - Mating Rituals II. Beautiful, submissive females are rounded up, bound & marched single file to the males' den for mating activities. The full profile will be posted on or before Friday 06/26! Field Guide X
  06/19/2009 Frog & Toad are back for more twisted fun & adventure! How many hard orgasms can a human female have in 24 hours? In this installment Frog & Toad find out! A heart warming tale of friendship & sadistic experimentation. Frog&Toad
  06/15/2009 Snuggies No.13 (Amber) - Continue your collection of pretty, mummified "Snuggies". No matter how much they squirm they'll never escape from the skin tight encasement! Snuggies 2
  06/12/2009 Jungle Captives #12 - Attached by the neck & hogtied using bamboo poles the two "white devils" moan and squirm on the ground under the watchful eyes of a grotesque idol. Jungle Captives
  06/08/2009 Jungle Captives #11 - Two females from the tribe clean the bound, muddy "white devil". Fascinated with the moist, pink flesh they torment their horrified captive mercilessly. Jungle Captives

Food Source Profile #04 - Mating Rituals I. Competition to mate is intense - another intriguing, fact-filled installment.

Field Guide X

Human Female Profile #4 Close-Ups - Mating Rituals I. To attract males the females employ very explicit techniques!

Field Guide X
  05/29/2009 Stop by Uncle Elmer's for his World Famous Texas BBQ! A pretty live female is painted with BBQ sauce as she slowly turns on the spit. Summer & Elmer's BBQ go hand-in-hand! Uncle Elmer
  05/25/2009 Field Guide Profile #16 - The Paradart captures females by firing a potent paralyzing dart - it wraps the victim in a razor thin mesh & pulls it inside the slimy gullet for digestion. Field Guide 2
  05/22/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #16 (The Paradart Bush)... Field Guide 2
  05/20/2009 BONUS - Snuggies Tutorial - Drawing / Photoshop Steps. Snuggies
  05/18/2009 Snuggies No.12 (Olive Green) - Twisting & Squirming inside the slimy, skin-tight membrane. This completes Volume 01. Snuggies
  05/15/2009 Guinea Pigs #103 - Three nude, hogtied beauties are stored in a tiny cell - they are perfect for the next series of tests. Guinea Pigs 9
  05/11/2009 Field Guide Profile #15 - The Marsh Bulb lies carefully hidden under the thick mud waiting for an unsuspecting female. The strong tentacles are poised to strike... Field Guide 2
  05/08/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #15 (Marsh Bulb) Field Guide 2
  05/04/2009 Snuggies No.11 (Cyan Gray) - Another helpless female twisting & turning in her tight encasement... non-stop fun! Snuggies
  05/01/2009 Female Profile No.03 - Human Behavior Patterns. Females wander the countryside completely nude foraging for food & basking in the sun... and satisfying their primitive urges! An inside look at the Carnivorous Plants' favorite meal... Field Guide X
  04/28/2009 Field Guide to Carnivorous Plants - Bonus Profiles of the Plants' exclusive food source (beautiful Human Females)! Closeups of Pending Female Profile No. 3 (Behavior). Field Guide X

Uncle Elmer enjoyed a quick hunting trip & bagged four pretty females! The scared little things will spend the night gagged & hogtied in tiny wire cages. In the morning Elmer will bring them to market. Better hurry, they go quick!

Uncle Elmer
  04/22/2009 Snuggies No.10 (Lavender) - Hopelessly sealed within a skin tight mummification sack while vibrators churn mercilessly - what's a girl to do (besides squirm & cum)? Snuggies

Another colorful, mummified Snuggies (No.09 Aquamarine). More tight, squirming encasement escapades!

  04/17/2009 Horror Lab #04 -Another helpless captive - nude, bound & gagged - painfully arched & exposed... and waiting... Horror Lab
  04/13/2009 Jungle Captives #10 - Two "White Devils" are hogtied & placed in a small mud pit. As the helpless captives struggle they sink deeper in the muck - it will be another long night! Jungle Captives
  04/10/2009 Those loveable amphibians are back with another zany adventure! This time Frog demonstrates the effects of electricity on a pretty, strapped down female - a shocking tale of discovery & friendship you don't want to miss! Frog&Toad
  04/06/2009 Deranged Double Date: Eddie brings two more beautiful women to his "Love Nest" - when the hogtied beauties wake up they'll find romantic cards, long-stemmed roses & two tiny cages built just for them - Eddie is a sweetheart! Love Nest
  04/01/2009 Field Guide Profile #14 - The voracious Mud Lotus. Two beautiful females learn the secluded swamp is no place to mud bathe - but it's too late. More perilous botanical fun! Field Guide 2
  03/28/2009 Another visit to Uncle Elmer's Livestock Emporium. He keeps his wonderful assortment of succulent human females bound & gagged nice & tight. He serves only the best! Uncle Elmer
  03/24/2009 Another Snuggies Installment (#8 - Gold) - More tight, kinky mummification fun - collect them all... Snuggies
  03/21/2009 Horror Lab No.03 - Strapped down tight the horrified captive waits helplessly - the procedure will begin shortly... Horror Lab
  03/16/2009 Snuggies No.07 (Light Blue) - More tight squishy fun... Snuggies

Field Guide Profile #13 - Chick Nut Tree Part 2

Field Guide 2
  03/07/2009 Bonus Update - Chick Trap #2 (Thanks for your Support) Chick Trap
  03/07/2009 "Eddie" spends the evening with his newest girlfriend and makes sure she's comfortable... An intense installment to an ongoing tale of twisted romance... Sweet Dreams! Love Nest
  03/07/2009 Field Guide Closeups of Profile #12 (Chick Nut Tree) Field Guide
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