Jenni Czech - My Official "Taurus Girl"


Years ago, while browsing the internet, I found a beautiful Czechoslovakian model on the nude sites FemJoy, Erotica-Archives & Met-Art who, quite appropriately, went by the name "Jenni Czech". I recall thinking she would make an incredible fetish model. Beautiful & classy - with an adorable Czech accent. Miraculously she began to appear on soft fetish sites - FM Concepts, Restrained Elegance, Metal Bondage & more... and she played the part beautifully. An absolute treasure! Best of all - she's now my Official "Taurus Girl"! Enjoy!

  Why is Jenni in the free section? Well, what good is such a wonderful promotional model if you can't see her!
  NOTE: Please save all video clips to your hard drive before playing - otherwise they will buffer too slowly.
  Hello this is Jenni! Your official "Taurus Girl". On this site you see lots of artworks & bondages & lots of dangers. Monsters, giant spiders, hungry plants... it is so scary. So come inside & check it! -Jenni XOXO
  VIDEO: Hear Jenni talking about TaurusArtworks... and all the dangers inside for "Nice Girls"! [31 MB]
  ABOVE: Jenni taking a look at TAURUSARTWORKS.COM - she seems to be a bit disturbed at what she finds within the Members Area. Being an extremely beautiful (and very naked) woman it's no surprise that she's a little bit uncomfortable right now. She understands her fate if she were one of those unfortunate girls!
  VIDEO: Watch Jenni's reaction when she browses the "romantic" horror series "Love Nest". [35MB]
  VIDEO: Jenni did a wonderful job with the promo clips but still needed some attitude adjustment! [140MB]
  VIDEO: Jenni seems shocked when she finds what the Morlocks' do with pretty human females! [37MB]
  Video Credits: Jenni Czech, Roy Hobbs (The Hidden Agenda), TaurusArtworks (Editing)

05/31/2012: Wondering where Jenni has been? You do not let a beautiful specimen like her just slip away. We have her safe & secure in an undisclosed location. Jenni, now known Specimen 2605, has been utilized in a variety of critical experiments yielding a wealth of data. Her contributions to science are appreciated...