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Recently I had the pleasure of exchanging links & galleries with one of the world’s greatest BDSM/Fetish artists & photographers – The extremely talented Franco Saudelli. I have admired his work for many years – he has a style that is unlike any other artist I’ve ever seen. He was also very gracious to include not only a link to my website but a guest gallery in his members’ area. I’d like to share a few screenshots & encourage all of you to take a look at his site – the work is outstanding.

TaurusArtworks Guest Gallery on Franco Saudelli’s Site

Above is his update log for 09/24/2012 – I had to look twice at his caption introducing my work. He is very kind!

Strange to see my work next to the master Franco Saudelli!

A glimpse at the Members’ Area – It’s an honor to be included among his amazing galleries.

Also, very interesting the see the pieces Franco selected for the Guest Page.

Here’s a view of the Taurus Artworks’ Guest Gallery page. It was nice of Franco to take the time to browse my site & pick out the items for the gallery. And it’s interesting to see which images he thought were appropriate.

Franco Saudelli's Link Page

Awesome to be on his Links page too. I had to grab a screenshot! It’s very much appreciated…

Now for those who somehow haven’t heard of Franco Saudelli I’ve added a few samples below:

Sequence from The Avengers - Poor Girls!

One of my favorite themes is his “Avenger’s” series – little half-pint masked men that overpower & strip women, of all shapes & sizes, & brutally tie them up & gag them. They struggle violently to resist but it’s futile. Once they have them bound securely they just walk away leaving them to suffer helplessly – it seems that is their primary mission. Although they may play with their captives a bit!

Some more Avengers samples!

ABOVE: Some more thrilling Avenger’s scenes – they sure bind those naked chicks nice & tight!

Amazing Models, Bondage & Photography!

ABOVE: Last but not least Franco has some incredible photosets & videos. His models are gorgeous & seem to like being tied excruciatingly tight. No wonder his art is so erotic & realistic! Thank you Franco!

Head on over to!

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