Sticky, Gooey, Oily, Messy, Muddy Stuff

There’s all kinds of fetishes out there… some good, some bad, some I’m not even aware of… some are just plain fantastic! I’ll focus on some of the fantastic ones… I try to incorporate as many cool fetishes as I can into my art. One of them is something I’ll just refer to as a “Sticky Goo Fetish”… sometimes referred to as WAM (Wet & Messy)… this includes messy stuff like women rolling around in pudding or whipped cream, the always popular oil or mud wrestling, being covered in alien slime or sinking in quicksand… I like to combine my bondage art with various sticky or muddy scenarios… In my “Jungle Captives” series the poor captives are always bound, gagged & covered in mud – this gives the image a more primitive look & adds to their plight… Abduction scenes should always have a gritty, messy look – as the helpless heroine is brought to the ground & wrapped in rope she gets filthy writhing in the dirt… My Sci-Fi themes always have some sort of sticky ooze that traps the pretty females & tightens around their bodies … there’s a multitude of carnivorous plants that snare their female prey in mucous laden tentacles, clear slimy membranes or sticky digestion sacks… and there’s so much more to come! Slime & ooze can be used as another form of bondage & restraining material… the unfortunate women are helpless with no chance for escape – just the way it should be.

Here’s a couple brilliant muddy bondage scenes from PD (Infernal Restraints & Classic Insex)… I’ve said it before, what sets Insex apart is the lengths they go through to produce a quality production… the farm in Maine is legendary – can you imagine catching a glimpse of what goes on at that place?


Bondage and Mud Go Together

ABOVE: The first scene is from the article “Caged Pig” with Trina Michaels (09/10/2010) – even the title is harsh. The session starts with Trina placed in a tiny cage standing up – there’s spider webs everywhere & no room to move.  She’s forced to strip nude & she’s terrified of spiders. PD pokes her & tortures her a bit. PD senses she doesn’t appreciate his hospitality so he shows her what it’s like outside – cold, wet, muddy. Bound with zip ties Trina has to wallow her way across the muck. Now she realizes it was much more hospitable indoors. The image of Trina in the mud is amazing – she looks like a tadpole squirming around a river bank. I love her voluptuous figure – especially bound & muddy. The second scene is from an older Insex article from 2003 I know only as “Eris – Volume 133″ – fantastic sequence starting at the Insex Warehouse in Brooklyn. Eris is stripped, bound & gagged and hung inside the van. She dangles from the ceiling as they go for a ride – all the way to Maine. Sometime later you find her hogtied in heavy chains & manacles in the mud. PD pokes her with a cattle prod to keep her moving. He hoses her & the ground down making a nice, squishy mud pile. You can tell by her face it’s extremely painful to move – but she has no choice. The video is unbelievable – I like how PD sits on the bench & sips a cool drink while watching Eris struggle. When I first saw this I felt a little guilty for liking it… but not any more, I appreciate the artistic side of this along with the intensity. I may have to elaborate further on these two articles in the future…

Gooey Slime Fetish - what exactly is that Stuff?

ABOVE: This is some sort of sticky goo fetish from Japan. The material they use is intriguing – it’s a shame this wasn’t done in a futuristic setting, maybe an alien nest or something horrific – it would be much better than someone’s apartment…

Oily, Slimey, Muddy - All sexy & Erotic to Me!

ABOVE: Oil, chocolate sauce, mud – it doesn’t matter – I love how sexy, nude women look rolling around in it & having fun! The model on the top left knows she looks hot glistening with oil… and the ones on the right are some fun chicks – it takes a special girl to allow herself to be hogtied & ballgagged outside in the mud! Very special indeed…

Nude Models covered in Oil - Yum!

ABOVE: More hot, oiled up women. I can’t help but think of my bondage tendencies when I see pictures like this. These oiled up chicks need to be bound & gagged immediately! Especially the one on the dolly – she’s just begging to be hogtied with thin wire & wheeled away…

Now for some artwork:

Sticky Footsie Collage

ABOVE: A little collage I put together with snippets from my short story “The HoneySap Bog”. Strolling through the woods Ivy spots a golden, honey-like bog. She doesn’t know what it is but it feels so good between her toes… eventually she rolls around until she becomes trapped. The slime is actually attacking her… and preparing to encase her & pull her under… I enjoyed working on the feet in this one… they turned out pretty good I must say!

Sticky Trap

ABOVE: Some more “Honeysap Bog” snippets – Ivy is doomed… and her friend Michele who goes looking for her is no better off! One thing about slime – it loves pulling off womens’ clothing – at least in my imaginary world!

Parasite Series - More Sticky Goo Traps

ABOVE: Some earlier “slime” works – from a short series called “Parasite”… chicks trapped in slime can be so sexy!

Carnivorous Plant Series - Lots of Sticky, Gooey, Muddy Scenes

ABOVE: Some samples from my “Field Guide to Carnivorous Plants” series… this is one of my favorite themes to work on. Just lots of crazy plants with different ways to trap beautiful, naked women… Set in a post-apocalyptic world women are no more than a source of food to the hideous plants that surround them… Clockwise from the top left:  (1.) Two females are caught in vicious tentacles & dragged through the mud into the plants’ digestive sack below the ground.  (2.) Female caught in an ever-tightening twisting membrane. (3.) Female trapped in tight, razorsharp barbs – struggling causes them to constrict further… in a few minutes she’ll be pulled below the surface. (4.) Female caught in a hot, sticky membrane – she screams & kicks but can’t stop it from contracting & crushing her inside. (5.) Center – tentacles shoot out of the ground & latch onto the pretty blonde victim. She fights hysterically in the mud but her descent continues unabated. This plant stuff is very interesting!

Brutal Muddy Takedown - No Escape for Jasmin

ABOVE: From the short story “The Abduction of Jasmin”. Poor Jasmin – she’s jumped, manhandled, brought down & tightly bound in the mud. And it just gets worse from there… included being stuffed in a tiny box filled with thick, pink packing foam – nothing showing but a thin breathing tube sticks out.

Hope you enjoyed this sticky, gooey blog entry. Cheers!





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