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  Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web where the fantasies I create are only limited by my imagination - I haven't seemed to have reached that limit yet... I admire the works of the great BDSM artists - Franco Saudelli, Cagri, Templeton, Fernando, Roberts, Etc... I'm amazed at the emotion & intensity they convey in their work... I do not consider myself an artist yet, certainly not anywhere near the ones I just mentioned & perhaps I never will be... But I will continue to sharpen my skills & make the best of the meager talents I do have (time permitting)... For fans of BDSM artwork it is my sincere hope that you enjoy the material on this site... I'd also like to add that this site does not condone violence against women in any shape or form... Be aware the content does not depict anything but restraint & no physical harm is illustrated though it may be implied in some instances for dramatic effect only.  

I was always a fairly good drawer but never practiced very much - I would sometimes go years between single drawings. In the spring of 2005 I had some quiet time and started doodling... I was in a bit of an "evil" mood & sketched a pretty girl tied up in a dirty old basement... Poor thing... For a quick sketch it turned out better than expected, I added another hanging from the ceiling to keep her company... then another & another... The whole page was filled with beautiful, helpless captives... I colored it in with prismacolor pencils (not knowing any other alternative coloring methods) and loaded it into the scanner. That was such a fun exercise I created another similar version... and then another in a barn... I haven't stopped since...

  After some rudimentary sketches I developed the The Institute theme. I decided to tell the story not just with illustrations but with short narratives. They take their work very seriously.  

Overall I created over 100 installments - all within the Members' Area. There are several spinoffs of The Institute - Taurus Institute (a simpler style), Project "M", Lab Rats & The Lab. There can never be a shortage of ideas when it comes to Mad Scientist themes...

  In the spring of 2008 I bought my first Wacom tablet & decided to go the digital route with my art. What a huge difference! I became more inspired to perfect my skills & am pleased with the results so far. The samples above are from a new series called "Jungle Captives".  
  I've been exploring some other fetish themes to add to my material. I was intrigued by the "Vore" fetish concept and the possibility of adding a science fiction dimension to my work. Being an avid nature fan it seemed like a natural fit to create an encyclopedia styled theme. "The Ultimate Field Guide to Carnivorous Plants" has been an enjoyable theme, it's allowed me to concentrate on unusual figure work that you wouldn't find in everyday life... you can see from the last panel (on the right) that my coloring is improving tremendously - but still working hard at it. I'm happy with my progress but there will be much better pieces in the days ahead!  
  Thanks to all for stopping by! There are more samples to preview on the "JOIN" page.